LEGO Fan Zoo Set Selected by Experts


The model called “Zoo” scored the required 10,000 votes from visitors to the LEGO Ideas website. As a result, the set became the twenty-first author’s project to be included in the third review of 2022.

Nothing is known about the author of the “brick” idea, except for the nickname kodlovag. The work itself was put on display on January 13, 2022. Thus, the kit was approved after 289 days. This is somewhat surprising, because the zoo proposed by the fan really looks very interesting and can perfectly complement any toy city built using modular technology.

When developing the project, kodlovag chose the scheme of the official constructor as a building template 10236 LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village. The multi-storey construction allowed creating a more or less natural habitat for the animals, and provided the zoo visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with the park area with convenience.

The 4,500-piece zoo is built on four base plates that are interconnected and at the same time divide the landscape into separate sections. You can get into it by buying a ticket in a small pavilion, which is an entrance complex.

10,000 LEGO Ideas fans support zoo project

Immediately behind the cash house, an ice aviary with a polar bear and penguins opens up. To the right of it is a winding staircase that leads especially inquisitive visitors to the window. From it you can see representatives of the animal world of the Arctic from a closer distance.

Continuing the tour of the zoo, visitors find themselves next to another enclosure, which is also inhabited by bears, but only gray ones. The environment here is directly opposite to the “northern” exposition of the first enclosure. Water from a small waterfall flows from top to bottom. In the center stands a huge branched tree. Thanks to this, bears can not only scratch their backs, but also enjoy their favorite honey, because beehives are hidden in the crown of the plant.

10,000 LEGO Ideas fans support zoo project

The journey through the upper level of the zoo continues. Another climb leads to a large aviary with many tropical birds that have occupied the tops of the trees. Nearby you can see quite nimble monkeys.

The return journey of the tour passes along a long bridge connecting the main buildings with a small “island” at the other end of the zoo. At the same time, the transition through it is obtained not just by moving from point A to point B, but by continuing to get to know the inhabitants of the zoo. Because right under the bridge there is a large territory of wild cats – you can see from the figures that tigers and leopards live there.

10,000 LEGO Ideas fans support zoo project

“Island” gives you the opportunity to once again admire the inhabitants of the zoo from a bird’s eye view, standing on observation platforms and go down to the exit. At the same time, the author of the project proposes to do it in an original way – to slide down the hill!

In general, a “brick” zoo, covering an area of ​​at least 50 cm in length and width with a height of 45 cm, very generously reproduces the place where wild animals and birds are kept. At the same time, the design is wonderfully enlivened by the presence of 9 miniature figures.

10,000 LEGO Ideas fans support zoo project


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