LEGO Fan Ideas in Real Sets


On a special site LEGO IDEAS more and more fans of construction exhibit their own projects of new designers for review by visitors. Works that have received 10 thousand votes in support of the idea go to the selection stage. At this stage, the specialists of the Danish company “Lego” get acquainted with the projects that won the selection and make their verdict on the future fate of the author’s set.

According to these rules, an open competition has been held since 2014. Recently, however, the question has been raised more and more that it is time to make changes to the initial settings. So, for one item, the author of the idea must collect the coveted 10 thousand votes within 2 years after the publication of the project on the site. But many projects now reach this threshold in a shorter time frame.

Many claims are expressed by design fans in terms of the number of projects approved by the jury. For example, in the first stage of the 2020 review, out of 213 author’s ideas that crossed the 10,000th threshold, only 8 turned into real sets. It is assumed that of the 31 projects that have been selected by site visitors to date, only half have a chance to become finalists.

Despite such controversy and numerous proposals to edit the selection rules for the idea contest, the Danish company says it does not intend to make any changes in the coming years. And this means that everyone who wishes has a chance to make their dream come true!


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