LEGO Contest to celebrate Hogwarts Express set sales

Anniversary date of foundation of the legendary manufacturer of designers lego accompanies with interesting events, activities, promotions and competitions. This time in honor of his 90th birthday, as well as the upcoming start of sales of the collection set 76405 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Expressthe Lego company decided to hold an unusual competition.

Almost all buyers of the summer novelty will be able to take part in this competition. To do this, after purchasing the item, they must, as a registered LEGO VIP customer at the VIP Rewards Center, win a short themed quiz with only 5 questions. Correct answers to all of them open the way to the international lottery. The main prize will be a trip to England and a visit to the legendary Hogwarts Express passenger train, which is familiar to literally every fan of the adventure film. “Harry Potter”.

The drawing of the original lottery with three sets of family “tickets” for the magic train will take place in only 17 countries. Promotion period: from August 16 to September 5, 2022. According to its terms, all travel expenses of the winners of the competition will be covered by LEGO. However, only 3 families, consisting of parents and two children, have a unique chance to get the coveted vouchers.

Perhaps the most surprising and remarkable thing about this event is that the winners are given more than just a banal tour inside the train from the movie. The main highlight is that they will be able to spend quite a long time on the train to really feel like passengers of a magical express. Even one night is planned.

In general, the program of the trip to the homeland of Harry Potter promises to be memorable for fans of the young wizard. Moreover, it provides:

• Trip and overnight stay on the LEGO Hogwarts Express train in Yorkshire (UK);

• dinner and breakfast in the Great Station Hall;

• watching films about the adventures of Harry Potter;

• return trip to Yorkshire and a new train visit;

Also, the winners of the contest in the passenger car are waiting for a lot of thematic constructors, which are allowed to be assembled and then played with the whole family. Among them, of course, they will offer a set LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express. It is noteworthy that the assembled train model can be taken home as a memorable gift.

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