Lego bricks help save corals in Singapore


Singapore has the third largest coral reef. It, like everyone else, is a habitat for many species of marine flora and fauna. It plays an important role in reducing the process of global warming. However, coral reefs are fragile and easily damaged. In Singapore, land reclamation, as well as the rapid development of coastal areas in recent years, has led to a real threat of a real extinction of coral reefs. Therefore, Singaporean scientists are now working hard to solve this problem.

What does Lego have to do with this? The fact is that one of the ideas of salvation just involves the use of the “bricks” of the Danish manufacturer to save the reefs. The technology is as follows: loose pieces of coral are going to attach to the cubes and then insert them back into the reef. As a result of such an “operation”, it is expected that small corals will grow and turn into larger colonies, which will contribute to the restoration and expansion of the reef.

Scientists use Lego bricks to save Singapore's coral reefs

The principle of the unique innovative reef rescue technology, according to Jani Tanzil, a specialist at the National University of Singapore, is based on the modular building principle of LEGO and the huge potential for creating large-scale projects. That is, building blocks allow you to work with large pieces of coral.

In practical terms, the idea of ​​growing corals is now carried out according to the method of so-called “vertical farming”, which leads to a noticeable savings in space. Thanks to this, Singaporean scientists manage to get the maximum productivity from their aquarium at the National Marine Laboratory, located on St. John’s Island.


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