Lego allocates millions of dollars for the development of children


The LEGO Group launched a global competition to support early childhood development around the world. Company fund for this purpose allocated $143 million. It is planned that they will go to finance ideas that are aimed at directly solving the global problems facing the development of children under the age of six.

Registration of organizations for participation in the competition will open in April and will last until May 17, 2022. The main condition for grant applicants is: “applications must be effective, achievable, community-oriented and sustainable in order for organizations to become winners.”

Priority will be given to programs focused on the following areas:

  • access to high-quality education (including distance education);
  • early childhood care;
  • proper nutrition;
  • toxic stress and violence in families and communities;
  • pollution protection;
  • promoting social and emotional well-being in families.

At the first stage of the competition, ten finalists will be selected, who will be awarded prizes of $ 1 million each for this success. Then, in September 2022, the second stage will be held among the finalists, which will determine the 5 winners of the competition. Of these, the first “troika” will receive grants in the amount of about $30 million each, and the remaining 2 finalists will receive $15 million each.

Lego allocates $143 million for early childhood development around the world


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