“Legend of the Sea Serpent” can be realized in a set


Stories about the existence of giant sea snakes hiding under the thickness of reservoirs at different ends of the globe are of great interest in society. However, no one has yet been able to reliably fix them.

Be that as it may, fans of construction may soon have a home “sea serpent”. The case was left to the decision of the jury of the open competition LEGO Ideas: if Danish designers support the author’s idea of ​​a fan under the nickname jackotrebel. It was he who proposed to release the designer called “The Legend of the Sea Serpent”. It is possible that such a model will acquire real features.

Interestingly, this model arose by chance. Initially, the fan decided to revise the building “bricks” left over from the old Lego designers and see what could be made of them. After that, the idea arose to build a wooden hut on top of a rock, in which 3 people live. In the future, the implementation of the idea required the addition of a staircase leading to the house from a small pier. At the final stage of the development of the project, additions appeared in the form of the dark waters of the lake, and then the figurine of a sea serpent.

The Legend of the Sea Serpent project won 10,000 votes in its favor under the terms of the Lego Idea Contest in a record 122 days. Thus, he was included in the list of author’s sets that the jury will consider in the first stage of the 2022 review, becoming the 28th candidate for the finalists of the competition.

The legend of the Sea Serpent will become a real set?

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