Klava Koka built a guitar out of LEGO bricks

Artist of the Black Star music label, singer of songs of her own composition, popular music video blogger and former TV presenter. And all this is Klava Koka, or Claudia Vysokova from Yekaterinburg. But, apparently, it is not in vain that they say that a talented person is talented in everything. Recently, the Ural pop singer managed to really surprise many fans with her alternative creative achievement. On the telegram channel, she posted a photo of the famous electric guitar “Fender Statocaster”, accompanying it with a short note-question: “Well, how ??? My Lego guitar))).

It turned out that Klava Koka, in addition to everything else, is also fond of designing. The singer assembled a unique musical instrument and a stand for it with her “musical” pens, spending only 21329 cubes on it. Lego! “Guys rate my Lego guitar. All from Lego, can you imagine? To pull the strings on the designer is very strange, but it turned out great, ”admitted the Ural craftswoman. The creative work of the beloved actress was immediately praised by about 800 subscribers.

This is an interesting way Klava Koka likes to relieve stress. At the same time, among all the methods used to restore strength, she considers the assembly of designers to be the most important anti-stress and meditation for herself. It is reported by the agency URA.RU.

It is no wonder that prefabricated designers are so popular. After all, it is such a toy that parents first of all choose as a gift for their children! And as they grow up, they retain their love of design.

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