Kai’s unique all-terrain vehicle in LEGO buggy style

Among the summer novelties of the popular Ninjago series, a designer 71773 LEGO Ninjago Golden Dragon Kai’s Raiderthat will definitely make kids put their gadgets aside. With this game set, you can fully immerse yourself in the fantasy world of young ninjas.

The main feature of the model is its originality, which in itself is worthy of recognition. Over the years, designers have introduced various types of vehicles, and it would seem that new and creative solutions are no longer possible. However, the set under consideration shows that this is not the case. At the very least, instead of another red and gold car, you can assemble a car with its own individual design and shapes, which have not yet been seen in thematic sets.

The unusual vehicle is a buggy-style all-terrain vehicle with two guns, four gunners, and golden blades. At the same time, the 35-cm model can not only move through space as a car on four wheels, but also move like an animal – for this it needs to be put into “walker” mode by folding the rear wheels.

All in all, this set impresses the imagination of ninja fans with a completely unknown machine that provides great playability in addition.

Also, the kit is notable for a large number of characters. It includes seven miniature figures:

  • Golden Kai and Zane with dragon wings
  • their ally Skylor,
  • villains in the person of General Mr. F., the beast and a couple of warriors from the “Stone of Vengeance”.

According to the plot of the game designer, it is from the attack of the listed villains that the young ninja will this time defend the peace of their hometown.

LEGO has released a unique all-terrain vehicle Kai in the style of a buggy

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