Jim Henson’s Labyrinth set entered the Lego competition review

Travel is very different. Construction fan ColonelAttentiveCandy suggests going to Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Escher’s Room. This idea was liked by 10 thousand visitors of the open competition website LEGO Ideas and received a ticket to the next qualifying round.

The project became the tenth candidate for the winners of the second review of author’s works. A competent jury of specialists from the Danish manufacturer will consider it this fall for its suitability to become an official product. Lego.

So what is the ColonelAttentiveCandy model? The author of the combined project relied on the plot of the film “Journey to the Labyrinth” 1986. Basically, it recreates the famous “Escher room” with all kinds of labyrinths. Recall that the main character of the story, Sarah, has to overcome many trials on her way to the Goblin King’s castle. In the “Escher room” much is contrary to physical laws. For example, the steps of the stairs are partially upside down and in order to climb them, you need to step upside down. There are areas where they suddenly break off. There are even fragments that are simply arranged horizontally, actually unsuitable for their intended use.

The creator of the buildable toy perfectly reflected these features of the room in his project, turning the details of the stair steps upside down in some places. The result is that his minifigures also walk upside down, just like in the movie. Probably, the author of the project has a great imagination if he managed to actually implement such an idea using unique assembly methods.

But the toy reflects not only the “Escher room”. The location also features other memorabilia, items, and accessories from the film.

The set also contains:

  • crystal ball Jareth,
  • clock with a strange dial,
  • a book on a dais surrounded by thick hedges,
  • worm with his cup of tea.

The package of the model includes 3 miniature figures depicting the main characters of the film – Sarah, the goblin king Jareth and baby Toby.

An Amazing Journey into Jim Henson's Labyrinth by a Lego Fan

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