It is planned to build a school in the form of a Lego

The Iranian architectural bureau Kalbod Design Studio differs from many others with its unusual projects. Recently, representatives of the company announced that they decided to implement a bold idea in one of the African countries – to build a school in the form of toys. Lego. A weighty argument in favor of this project is that it allows you to minimize construction costs.

In itself, the appearance of such a school will be a real attraction. The architects, inspired by the Danish company’s figures and kits, made the building look like a toy house from identical colored square pieces. And round windows resemble spikes that connect construction “bricks”.

What will the Lego school look like?

At the same time, the “Legovian” style is visible in every element of the building. The interior of the school is fully consistent with the exterior. Literally everything, from the decor and finishes to the railings on the stairs, strongly resembles individual details of a huge designer.

The color schemes in this project look very successful. A combination of bright and discreet shades of yellow, green and red gives the object a “brick” flavor.

By the way, the round windows on the façade of the building are not just a decorative decoration – the same windows will be installed in the classrooms.

What will the Lego school look like?

As conceived by the architects, the interior space will initially be divided into two parts – separately into classes for junior and senior students. Thus, the students of the primary group will have their own territory, moreover, as much as possible separated from the locations of high school students.

Offices that are intended for frequent use will be located on the lower floors. Well, those rooms where classes will be held rarely will occupy the upper floors.

An important feature of the presented project is that the architects provide for children’s playgrounds both inside the building and in the school yard. And in the school they are located on different floors.

There is no doubt that children will go to such an educational institution with great pleasure, because they all love designers. And the proposed modular school is designed to connect the learning space with childhood memories and pleasant student associations. Plus, it will turn into an efficient system with high flexibility.

What will the Lego school look like?

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