Is 2022 going to be the year of the Batman superhero?


According to Western bloggers, 2022 will be the year of the return of sets LEGO DC, which this year were ignored by the Danish manufacturer. They were prompted to such conclusions by the recent demonstration of film projects: Black Adam, The Flash, Aquaman, The Lost Kingdom, Shazam, as well as the amazing Batman trailer.

At the same time, the last project attracted the most attention of the audience. Based on what they’ve seen on screen, fans of the most popular superhero are speculating that the Danish company will be giving away many new themed construction sets in the new year.

76181 Batmobile: Penguin Chase

This is confirmed by the trailer sequences, which show familiar minifigures of the characters throughout the time, as well as models of vehicles. We learned about them from the descriptions of upcoming new products: 76179 Batman and Selina Kyle, 76181 Batmobile: Penguin Chase, 76183 Batman Cavern: Confrontation of the Riddlers and 42127 Batmobile.

And although the trailer shows only one full-fledged scene with their participation, and the rest are only episodic, it is clear that the plot is directly related to the listed designers. Because they are developed according to a new film project about the adventures of a superhero and will appear on store shelves for its premiere.

76183 Batman Cavern: Confrontation of the Riddlers

Along with everything, building fans expect to see not only interesting buildings and vehicle models, but also miniature figures in the new sets. First of all, the main character – Batman, in completely new costumes.


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