Interesting motorization model “Titanic”


Western bloggers have returned to the collectible designer for adults 10294 LEGO Titanic, released not so long ago by the Danish company Lego. The reason for this was the message that a certain Reddit bertr0id, the owner of a unique 135 cm model of the legendary ship, motorized his buildable toy.

We’ve already told you about this longest LEGO model ever, which is a 1:200 replica of a real ship. Along with an overview of the arrangement of the ship as a whole, we also touched upon a detailed recreation of the engine room of the Titanic. In particular, 2 large engines with working pistons are placed in the compartment – they are set in motion by turning the screws. Also, by mechanical action, it is possible to simulate the rotation of the blades of three propellers located at the rear of the ship. So, thanks to retrofitting the toy with a motorization kit, these functions can be fully automated. At least the rotation of the three motor propellers is more than realistic.

The most important thing is that the author of the idea did not have to especially alter the original design. The space of the lower deck as a whole of a rather narrow toy ship turned out to be quite enough for modernization. And you didn’t even have to remove the original motors of the model to make room for the installation of electric motors, batteries and cables.


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