In the series “Marvel” from “Lego” will be a set with baby Groot

The real highlight of the series “Marvel” promises to become a constructor 76217 LEGO Marvel I Am Groot! (476 parts. Price 49.99 euros (3500 rubles)). When it will appear on store shelves is not yet entirely clear: according to some reports – in June, according to others – in September. However, official photos with the main model of the set have already been published on the network, so that everyone can familiarize themselves with it in advance.

Series fans “Guardians of the Galaxy” know that baby Groot changes his appearance from movie to movie. This set will feature a version of the character from the second film. It turns out that the Danish manufacturer is noticeably behind with the release of this superhero figurine, because the Marvel blockbuster appeared on the screens back in 2017. But in this case, the proverb is confirmed: better late than never.

The 26cm Baby Groot figure looks quite cute, largely due to the dark brown color with small olive green leaves (the last palette actually refers to the new coloring for the Lego pieces!).

To all this, the baby is endowed with mobility – his arms, legs and head are equipped with built-in ball joints. This makes it possible to move the limbs and put the toy in different poses.

How accurately the image of Baby Groot is reproduced can be understood from the pictures. They show the character Baby Groot from the movie and his “brick” version, which is obtained after the assembly of parts. Ev our opinion the combined model looks just great!

Cute baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will soon arrive in the

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