Huge Statue of Mighty Bowser Created for Festival

Comic Con San Diego 2022, a non-profit multi-genre entertainment and comics festival, has a lot of exciting news in store for you. It cannot be otherwise, because the annual event, which has been held since 1970, returns after a forced two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Until July 24, iconic brands such as Marvel, DC, HBO and Disney will showcase their latest products.

Among the participants of the festival there will be a Danish manufacturer of designers Lego. Moreover, he had already managed to distinguish himself by his individuality and creativity before the opening of the festival. Guests of the festive event in the Legov pavilion at number 235 will be greeted by a giant statue of the Mighty Bowser – the character of Super Mario. Recently, the company announced the release of a new designer with a similar figure. And in San Diego they decided to present an enlarged copy of the “brick” hero.

Just imagine: Bowser’s height is 14 feet, which in terms of meters means 4 m 27 cm! The assembly team spent a total of 663,900 building “bricks” on the construction of this majestic figure. It is hard to even imagine how many people were employed on this project and how much working time they spent on the implementation of the idea.

In terms of overall exposure, the design and the grandiose figure of the Mighty Bowser itself accurately reproduce the scene from the above-mentioned construction kit. 71411 LEGO Super Mario Powerful Bowser. In particular, the character is standing between two towers, which he must knock over during the fight with Mario and Luigi. But in this case, everything looks even more intimidating.

Giant statue of Mighty Bowser to grace Comic Con

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