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To the question of how to choose kids roller skatesshould be approached with all seriousness and responsibility, because not only the sporting success of the child, but also his health, safety and comfort depend on the right choice of skates.

Convenience is a priority

The range of modern inline skates is numerous and varied, including fixture types such as:

  • one-dimensional and sliding inlines (wheels are located in one line);
  • three-wheeled platforms attached to shoes;
  • quad skates (attached to shoes or offered as special boots on four wheels arranged in two rows).

While quads are not designed for fast riding and freeskate skates are geared primarily towards trick pirouettes, retractable inline skates are the most comfortable, versatile and economical option. A wide size range of such solutions (usually designed for 4-5 sizes) allows you to use the rollers for several years, adapting them in accordance with the growing foot of the child.

To keep small skaters company, read what adult roller skates are in the article How to choose roller skates.

Depending on the model, the gap between the front and back of the inline skate is increased by means of a specially designed lever or by fixing screws on the sole. It should be borne in mind that the best way to move apart is to shift the toe forward. In this embodiment, the child does not have to get used to a different weight distribution relative to the frame. In models where the increase in size occurs due to the shift back of the heel, the center of gravity will shift there too. As a result, the child will fall back.

At choosing children’s roller skates pay attention to the quality of the adjustment. The rollers must correspond to the height and thickness of the leg and have reliable and comfortable fastenings, which, on the one hand, will tightly fix the child’s leg, and, on the other hand, will not cause circulatory disorders in the limb. High-quality products are traditionally supplied with lacing in the lower part, fixed in the middle with a Velcro strap, and fastened with clips (buckles) on the lower leg.

How to determine the degree of convenience of videos in practice? It is enough to invite the child to try them on and conduct a small test drive. Once the boot is well buttoned and laced, skates must not:

  • crush;
  • dangle on the leg;
  • roll the leg to the outside or inside.

When the child sits down, all clips should fit snugly on the product and remain fastened, as in the Tempish Rebel Now model.

Which manufacturers to choose

Quality is not something you need to save on when choosing videos for a child, because we are talking about his safety. That is why you should not take risks and experiment with dubious Chinese fakes, it is better to invest in a good branded model from a trusted manufacturer. These brands include:

  • Tempish;
  • roller blades;
  • Baby hit;
  • K2;
  • Roses;
  • Fila;
  • Powerslide.

The models of these manufacturers are made of durable wear-resistant materials and are characterized by a proven reliable design, which ensures maximum comfort for the foot.

We offer you to get acquainted with the features of the Tempish UFO Baby Skate series roller skates.

Soft and hard boots: what to prefer?

Today, rollers with soft and hard boots are offered on the market. There is no single answer to the question of which of them is more convenient and reliable, since it all depends on personal preferences, experience and driving style.

The table gives comparative characteristics of models.

wondering how to choose kids roller skatesyou should keep in mind that models with soft boots are suitable for beginner skaters, providing sufficient rigidity and control during calm, leisurely riding.

If the child is already confident on skates, is engaged in high-speed riding, freeskating, hockey and is ready for a more aggressive riding style, it is more advisable to purchase a model with hard plastic boots for him, which will provide effective protection against dislocations and sprains.

frame material

The quality of the ride is largely determined by the frame attached to the boot, which bears the main load when riding and is responsible for transferring the energy of the legs to the wheels. The frame affects:

  • maneuverability;
  • controllability;
  • acceleration.

Children’s models, as a rule, are supplied with a frame made of plastic, composite or aluminum alloys:

plastic frame widely used in inexpensive entry-level models. Softer and more resilient than metal, it provides superior shock absorption for a smooth ride even on uneven road surfaces.

Composite options are also excellent at absorbing vibrations, plus they are more durable than plastic ones.
— In its turn, metal frames, common among advanced skates for fitness, slalom and freeskate, are noticeably heavier and more expensive than plastic counterparts. They transmit the push impulse as much as possible, but are intended mainly for professionals.

Number of wheels: comfort formula

Many models of roller skates in the size range 26-35 are equipped with three or four wheels. What geometry is more reasonable with a shortened frame and a short foot length? Tricycle rollers win:

  • speed parameters;
  • maneuverability;
  • manageability.

The center of gravity in 3-wheel models falls on the middle wheel, which allows the skates to react sensitively to even the slightest movement of the roller.

For their part, the four-wheel options make the ride more:

  • sustainable;
  • smooth;
  • comfortable.

In 4-wheel solutions, the center of gravity is between the 2nd and 3rd wheels, which makes it easier to maintain balance. In addition, with a smaller hub than 3-wheel models, 4-wheel rollers, such as the Tempish Neo-X model, exhibit less stiffness and dampen vibration, which is especially noticeable when riding on uneven surfaces. All this suggests that four-wheel skates are suitable for beginner skaters, while three-wheel models will be appreciated by “advanced slalom users”.

If you don’t want little fidgets to miss their favorite entertainment in winter, we recommend choosing skates for ice skating.

Wheel and bearing specifications

The key characteristics of wheels are their diameter and stiffness (degree of hardness).

Wheel diameter in children’s roller skates:

  • 64 mm — these wheels with a center of gravity shifted down are usually placed on the smallest models for beginners who are just learning to balance;
  • 70-72 mm — medium wheels, convenient for general riding, including long-distance driving, fitness and sports;
  • 76mm big wheels for high speed riding.

The lower the hardness of the wheel, the more reliable the grip, so the most rigid and wear-resistant wheels are recommended to be purchased only by experienced skaters.

An important part of the wheelbase of the rollers are the bearings, which determine the parameters of acceleration and overrun. There are 16 bearings per pair of four-wheel roller skates. According to the international standard ABEC, established by the International Council of Bearing Manufacturers, the latter are divided according to the accuracy class: 1, 3, 5, 7. The higher the accuracy, the greater the speed of the mechanism and less vibration at high speeds, but lower its strength. Most often, roller bearings are marked ABEC or ILQ.

For classic children’s skates, the simplest and not very high-speed bearings ABEC 3 — ABEC 5 are usually used. They allow the child to take the first steps in skating more confidently and develop a measured average speed. A child who is proficient in skating like slalom or freeskating will need more rolling bearings ABEC 7 — ABEC 9, as in the Temper Top II Lady skate model.

Choice of protection

A helmet and protection is what will help the child avoid injuries that can be caused by roller skating. That is why such uniforms for a young roller skater should be purchased immediately complete with roller skates.
Standard protection includes:

1) helmet;
2) protection on the wrist;
3) elbow pads;
4) knee pads.

There are two options for wrist protection: plates and gloves. The plates are superimposed on the brush from above and below like a tire and fastened with three straps. One fixes the plates on the wrist, the second — a little higher, and the third is located in the fingers. Gloves cover the entire palm with plastic and are fastened with two straps (near the wrist and near the fingers).

When choosing protection, you should consider the following nuances:

— It should be just right — a small protection will squeeze the body and interfere, and the one bought by economical parents for growth will easily fall off at the most inopportune moment.
— It is believed that protection with a stocking holds on tighter, but not every child will pull it on his jeans on his own, but everyone can handle knee pads with ordinary elastic bands and Velcro.
— For beginner skaters, it is recommended to choose plates to protect the wrist — they most effectively protect against fractures. For those who feel confident on wheels, gloves are more suitable — they hold a direct blow worse, but they protect against tangential scratching of the palm.
— Elbow and knee pads should be tightly fixed, but not press or cause discomfort.

Buying children’s roller skates

Thinking about it where to buy children’s roller skates in Kyiv or another city, keep in mind that a quality certified product with an official manufacturer’s warranty is sold only in a specialized store. A large assortment of children’s roller skates of the most reliable brands is presented in the MOYO.UA online store. From our catalog you can find how much do roller skates cost, read their detailed description and see in the photo online. Competent store consultants will always help you choose the right model and make the most rational choice.

Also watch the video: How to choose roller skates for a child:


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