How to choose a transformer, selection tips and reviews


Transformer – a toy that can change its shape. Thus, from one toy, two or even three are obtained. Transformers usually lack small parts, and to transform one figure into another, you do not need to disassemble the toy itself.

Playing with a transformer can captivate a child for a long time, especially a boy. In addition, during the game, imagination and fine motor skills develop, perseverance is brought up. With those models that have removable parts, the child will be able to show his ingenuity. Playing with a transformer can be collective, which contributes to the development of communication skills.


Technique and transport – cars (sports or jeeps), airplanes, helicopters, tanks, starships, fire engines. Such transformers are very common.

Robots – humanoid mechanical creatures, characterized by enormous strength and superhuman abilities. Along with technology and transport, they are the most popular transformers.

Separately, you can highlight the robots created by the comic book series “Transformers», Autobots and Decepticons – robots that turn into various vehicles or other equipment. These are iconic and most beloved characters.

insects and animals – dragonflies, tigers, panthers, dinosaurs. Less popular than the previous ones, but interesting in their own way, especially if they are fairy-tale or cartoon characters.

mixed – combine representatives of these types. For example, transforming robots can turn into both equipment (transport) and animals (insects).

There are two-, three- and even four-mode toys that can turn into two, three and four figures, respectively. The more opportunities for transformation, the more complex the design and the more expensive the transformer. However, playing with such a toy is much more interesting.


Due to the complex assembly, the transformer will uninteresting children up to 4-5 years. Therefore, it is hardly worth buying such a toy for a baby.

For children 4-5 years old, simple models, for example, a robot animal, are suitable. Children over 5 years old can be offered more difficult toys (robot-auto-animal). Boys from 8 years old will be interested in even more complex transformers that you need to assemble yourself from a set of parts.


Transformers are made of plastic, metal, or a combination of both:

  • plastic – are the most common light and relatively inexpensive, but not too strong; well suited for children 4-6 years old;
  • metal – heavier and more expensive models. Such toys are purchased for older children;
  • plastic+metal – a compromise option: a plastic model containing metal elements.


To make the game with a transformer more interesting, various effects can be provided in it.

  • Sound – the characteristic sounds of animals and the car, the speech of the robot.
  • light – the glow of the headlights of a car, the glowing eyes of a robot and an animal.


Radio management – allows you to control the transformer at a distance (including its transformations).

Movement – transformers on batteries can move independently, turn left and right.


  • First of all, pay attention to the safety of the toy. The transformer must be made of non-toxic materials, which is confirmed by a certificate. Refuse to buy toys with a pungent odor.
  • Pay attention to the build quality. All parts of the toy must hold securely, and the transformer itself must not disintegrate in the hands. Otherwise, the toy will quickly fail. Remember that a quality toy cannot be too cheap.
  • The world of transformers is very diverse, and choosing a toy is not so easy. Therefore, consider the personal preferences of the child.


Conventionally, it is customary to divide children’s toys into Chinese no-name manufacturers, Chinese / local brands and European brands (as well as the USA). As a rule, the lowest-quality materials (sometimes even life-threatening) are characteristic of the first, toy parts break quickly, paint peels off – it is not recommended to buy them. Cheaper transformers are produced by Happy Well, Boldway, Silverlit: they at least have safety certificates and have been tested before launching sales.

The best models would be Hasbro or Simba. Some models are very expensive because of their functionality – they are intended for older children. And for the smallest, you can buy cheap models of these brands, but there is no need to doubt their quality.


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