Many parents are not serious about the question of how to choose a study table for a child. And it’s completely in vain, because the health of the emerging spine depends on it.

How to choose a table for a child depending on age

It is better to delve into all the nuances in advance and spend quite a lifting amount than to solve the problems associated with the back of a teenager for a long and expensive time.

Children’s tables: the main selection criteria

First of all, you need to proceed from the age of the child. At first, kids only play, then they begin to draw, learn letters and numbers, go to school. As the child develops, the amount of time the child spends in a sitting position increases. The type and size of the table depend on its age. It is also important to pay attention to the shape of the countertop and the material from which the furniture is made.

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The most environmentally friendly material is wood. You don’t have to worry about furniture manufacturing technology at all, because solid wood is the absence of dubious substances used by manufacturers of board materials when forming chipboard or MDF. In addition, the wood is pleasant to the touch, it has a presentable appearance. In the top of the current species are maple, birch, beech, alder.

wooden table for a child

Countertops made of MDF and chipboard are comparable to wood in terms of strength. These materials are cheaper, but environmental issues may arise, especially in the case of chipboard. Although serious manufacturers buy only safe certified materials. Plates are laminated, other cladding technologies are used. The tabletop can be of any color, sometimes the coating imitates the texture of wood.

Plastic is an inexpensive and easy-to-clean material. A plastic table for a preschooler can weigh only a couple of kg, it will not be difficult to periodically rearrange it to where it will be interesting to draw and play for a child. Plastic is not afraid of rain, light furniture made of this material can be safely taken out into the street. The colors of children’s tables are also in full order — it will not be difficult to choose a product for every taste.

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Typical options for children’s furniture:

  1. Ordinary headsets with flat surfaces, tables for schoolchildren with drawers for books. Possibly with a keyboard stand.
  2. Transformers. Table or desk with adjustable tabletop height. Maybe a chair too. The tilt of the tabletop is adjustable, in some models it transforms into an easel with a slight movement.
  3. Tables for creativity. Usually in developing models there are compartments for pencils, felt-tip pens, paints. This category includes tables with magnetic boards, game panels, retractable easels.
  4. Folding headsets. A table with a built-in highchair is relevant when the child is 1.5 years old. This category also includes not connected into a single whole, but easily folding-folding tables and chairs.
  5. Pediatricians recommend buying orthopedic furniture closer to the school to form the correct posture.

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The shape of the tabletop can be rectangular, round, oval, triangular. A rectangular table is a suitable option for studying, on it the hands will rest on the same line. Tables for kids are usually made round or oval; the absence of corners insures against injuries.

children's table top shapes

The triangular format is relevant for school furniture, specially designed for installation in the corner of the room. These tables save space. They are often sold without drawers but with a keyboard stand and have rounded corners. An alternative option is a set with two chairs for little ones to be placed close to the wall.

In addition to options with standard geometry, countertops of a non-linear shape are on sale, for example, in the form of a camomile.

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The dimensions should be such that the load on the muscles and joints of the child does not provoke the development of scoliosis. So how to choose a children’s table and high chair for your baby? The height of the chair should not be too high: the child should rest their feet on the floor.

  table sizes according to the age of the child

With special care, you need to approach the choice of a table for a student, since students spend several hours a day in a sitting position. The height of the tabletop should be at chest level. Calves at right angles to the floor, legs rest with feet.

The table of correspondence between the height of the child and the height of the furniture in cm is given below:

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How to choose a table and chair for a baby

When parents transfer crumbs to additional foods, they buy a high chair. It is convenient for young mothers and fathers when it has a height adjustment. Another useful feature is the adjustment of the angles of inclination: in the reclining position, the load on the baby’s spine is reduced. Seat belts provide insurance to the child from falling. Such a chair usually lasts 2 years, and then moves on to another baby.

When should I buy a separate table and chair for my child? As soon as he begins to sit and walk confidently. The next piece of furniture after the highchair is the table where he will play and draw. It could be:

  • plastic, which is easily washed from traces of felt-tip pens and paints;
  • model with an easel;
  • model in desk format.

It makes sense to buy a transforming table or orthopedic furniture when the preparation of the child for school begins.

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Which table is suitable for a preschooler

Future first-graders a year or two before school begin to slowly master letters and numbers. Accordingly, the time that the child spends in a sitting position gradually increases. So, it is necessary to pay more attention to the ergonomics of products.

For preschoolers, they buy options with a simple design that matches their height. For example, plastic tables or transforming desks. A desk with adjustable height should be chosen taking into account its maximum dimensions. There is no furniture that will be equally comfortable for a child of 5 and 15 years old. Growing desks for a preschooler are designed for the period of preparation for study and primary classes.

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Desk or table: what is better for a student

Many sites confuse desks with tables, although it is not difficult to distinguish between these types of furniture. In the first case, the countertop is not parallel to the floor, but at an angle to it. This option is better suited for writing, the child does not have to strain his back so as not to slouch. Thus, the answer to the question of what is better for a student a desk or a table is quite obvious — of course, a desk. Moreover, it is advisable to buy it with a mechanism that allows you to adjust the height. A student can study on it for 5-10 years.

Which school desk to choose for a child’s school? Pay attention to four points.

  • Availability of boxes

The student does not have to get up from the table every time to take a book, pen, notebook, etc.

  • The minimum dimensions of the tabletop are 600×800 mm

It should have enough space for training supplies.

  • Tabletop angle adjustment

For reading, the best option is 30 degrees, for writing — 15 degrees. This is true for elementary school, high school students do not need to tilt the table top.

  • Additional accessories

A hook for hanging a school backpack and a compartment for writing materials will be nice additions.

It is advisable to buy a set in which a growing desk and chair. As the tabletop rises, the height of the seat should increase.

When choosing any children’s furniture, it is worth adhering to a simple principle: the longer the expected service life, the better the quality should be, especially with regard to the surface of the table top and moving parts. And, of course, it is important to take into account the opinion of the child. If he likes the purchase, he will be more willing to study or spend more time playing games.

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