How to choose a MOYO scooter


scooter models

All scooters can be divided into 2 main groups:
1. Three-wheeled — can have one wheel in front and two in the back, or vice versa.
2. Two-wheeled — have one wheel in front and behind.

Three-wheel scooter models with two rear wheels are mainly designed for young children. If the child is 2-4 years old, he is just starting to learn how to ride a scooter, then the three-wheeled option will be the most preferable. It has good stability and does not develop high speeds. Tricycle models with two front wheels are used in scooters designed for older children and adults.

Two-wheeled scooters are good for those who have already learned how to handle this vehicle. They differ in the diameter and thickness of the wheels, which affects the stability, maneuverability and speed of the scooter. The larger diameter of the wheels will ensure the speed of the ride, and the greater thickness — the stability of the structure.

Frame and wheel material

Now we will learn how to choose a scooter depending on the materials used to make it. The frame of the structure can be made of plastic or metal. Plastic models are lighter and cheaper, but less strong and durable. They are mainly used in children’s scooters.

The metal frame has a long service life and structural reliability, although it weighs more and costs more. It is used in teenage and adult models, as well as in some children’s.

Scooter wheels can be made from the following materials:

  • plastic — the cheapest option, used in children’s scooters, not designed for high speeds, noisy when riding;
  • rubber — middle price segment, acceptable depreciation, often used in scooters with large wheels that have good cross-country ability in various conditions;
  • polyurethane is the most preferred option, it has a long service life, decent indicators of strength and wear resistance, smooth ride and maneuverability of the scooter.

Subtleties of choice

We list the main points that should be considered when deciding how to choose a scooter:
1. Age and height of the user.
2. Riding style.
3. Compact design.

Here are some recommendations:

1. A scooter for a child under four years of age should be comfortable, beautiful, stable and light. It can be decorated with various flags and ribbons, have a basket for toys and a loud bell. The brake in such models is mainly manual, located on the steering wheel.
2. For older children, teenagers and adult scooters, it is better to choose a maneuverable model with large wheels, a rear foot brake and a strong metal frame. This technique is capable of developing high speeds and performing various tricks.
3. If you are buying a scooter for a child, then consider the possibility of adjusting the steering wheel for height. This will allow you to operate one model for several years, while maintaining the convenience of driving.
4. For comfortable storage or transportation of the scooter, some models are equipped with a folding mechanism. Pay attention to this feature if the compactness of the device is important to you when using public transport or if there is not enough space in a small apartment.


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