The child perceives everything new through the game. And reinforces skills through it too. The constructor is one of the available simulators that develops logic, perseverance and fine motor skills.

materials for children's designers

Let’s choose a good constructor for a child wisely, so that the game is a pleasure, and not a duty to please mom and dad. We tell you from what age and which one is better, we focus on the material and type of fastening of parts.

Types of materials for constructors

Sets of designers on store shelves are full of variety. Supporters of ecology will like wooden ones, cardboard ones predominate in 3D models, you just want to touch ceramic ones. But such details are rarely seen anywhere. Designers made of plastic, wood and metal are most often sold. Below – we will analyze “brick by brick” the features of these materials that affect children’s perception, general development and tactile sensations.

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This is the most popular and at the same time budget type of designers. Bribes with versatility and sophistication. Often the parts are interconnected even if from different manufacturers.

Advantages plastic constructors:

1. Wet environment resistance
Plastic will not fade or disintegrate in water.

2. Variety of shapes and themes
You can choose an arbitrary topic, from the field of construction, as well as animals, transport, and more.

3. Widest color gamut
Bright, dark, neutral hues that draw attention, soothe/irritate and inspire action.

Among the shortcomings – it is easy to run into unhealthy counterfeit products and provoke the appearance of allergies in the baby. The danger lies in cheap Chinese kits, which give themselves away with a pungent smell and caustic colors.


An environmentally friendly option at a reasonable price. Suitable for all age categories. It is made from pine, birch and oak, which help the baby to explore different textures.

  wooden constructors

Such material is durable: the designer does not dry out, they can be played even 10-20 years after purchase. The parts are easy to clean – just dip in soapy water and wipe with a dry cloth.

The advantages of wooden designers include:

  • Hypoallergenic and natural

Unlike plastic toys, wood does not cause an allergic reaction, safe even for babies.

  • Variety of connections

Details are connected in a groove way or with the help of “game” wooden nails. They are not able to hurt, easily respond to the efforts of the child.

The disadvantages include the limited forms in the designers for children of kindergarten age. Often these are large geometric shapes – cylinders, circles, cubes. For schoolchildren, complex shapes are provided that are used in assembling 3D models. Often, without the help of adults, it is difficult to deal with them.

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There are many small details in such sets that help develop fine motor skills and contribute to the perseverance of the baby. In addition, metal designers develop the imagination. A child can create a favorite car from scratch and even make it move. As a reward for his work, he receives invisible bonuses that will play into his hands over time:

1. Fantasy develops
From one and the same constructor, you can create a truck or a sports car – here, as they say, the need for invention is cunning.

2. Introduction to working tools
When working with metal constructors, kids get acquainted with screwdrivers and wrenches

3. Opportunity to learn the basics of robotics
There are quite often models on the market where, in addition to parts, there is a mini-PC that is programmed for certain actions.

Many small details are dangerous. They can be hurt, swallowed, put in the ear or nose. Such designers are contraindicated for kids. They are suitable for children from the age of seven, who are already aware of the danger of using the game for other purposes.

Types of constructors according to the method of fastening

Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to the methods of fastening. The smallest fit slot models. Children from 3 years old are interested in magnetic constructors. Bolted and articular connections by strength for those who are already 7 years old.


Magnets are located on the edges of the part. They are attracted to each other when they touch. You won’t get hurt by them – the corners of such plastic construction sets are smooth.

  magnetic constructors

The simple shape of each part also plays a plus – they are almost impossible to break. So these sets will be a great choice for fidgets who love experiments.

Two advantages of magnetic constructors:

1. They are not afraid of water
If the baby is against bathing, magnetic constructors will help brighten up his leisure time during hygienic procedures.

2. Variety of created forms
With the same constructor, you can assemble anything – from a typewriter to a castle with spiers.

However, due to their compact size, they are not suitable for small children (under 2 years old). Tomboys may want to “scientific breakthrough” to try a new toy “on the tooth.”

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Details are fixed with grooves. It’s an exciting process. Thus, you can sit for hours and create figures, houses, towers, cities. This type includes the famous Lego. Among the advantages of such a choice can be found:

  • Size variability

Micro details are created for those who like to tinker with a magnifying glass, more “bricks” make it more interesting to build gaming houses.

  • Compatibility of different kits and manufacturers

You can effortlessly create structures with similar grooves.

  • Variety of brands

Analogues of popular designers use the same groove size as the original. The game collection can be replenished without reference to the brand.

The disadvantage is conditional – parts are often lost, get underfoot, litter the room if they are randomly scattered around the room. “Bricks” for the smallest cannot be folded inward, because they are a hollow rectangle.


Parts are bolted to each other. Designed for children from 6 years old. Playing with this set, the kid gets acquainted with repair tools – screwdrivers and wrenches.

bolt constructors

The collection of such designers requires accuracy, because if several parts or bolts are lost, the design offered by the manufacturer cannot be folded.

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In such a constructor, the connecting elements resemble joints. It doesn’t fit in your head, does it? In the meantime, anything can be folded with an articular fastener model: a car, a dinosaur, a person, a cheetah…

The advantages of this design:

1. The child studies the resistance of compounds
Throwing up ready-made figures, testing them for strength, the baby studies the stability of different forms.

2. Development of fantasy
From one set, you can create any figure: even a car, even a scorpion.

The disadvantages are the high price and rarity in the Ukrainian market. However, if you managed to find such a “treasure”, the whole family will play with it – it is so intriguingly interesting.

Types of constructors by age groups

The older the child, the more difficult the constructor.

From 1 year to 3 years

For safety reasons, sets for the smallest are made from large parts without sharp corners. Details in such a game from 5 to 30 pieces. And this is also justified, the baby still does not know how to create cities, but only gets acquainted with shapes, sizes and colors.

  constructor for children under 3 years old

But a tomboy aged 2 to 3 years old can already give more complicated sets: parts can be of medium size, and in a set – 50-70 bricks. It is at this age that interest in modeling is shown, so the developers provide details of various shapes and sizes.

The smallest is better to choose models with huge shapes. You can’t hurt yourself like that. Wooden, plastic and soft constructors are popular. The latter is safe to play even for babies.

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From 3 to 6 years

At this age, the child is interested not only in cubes, but in different sets. Manufacturers offer to build figures according to well-thought-out instructions.

Sets with versatile parts like Lego will give the child the freedom of creativity. After he assembles something according to the instructions, he can take it apart and create his own unique world.

Over 6 years old

When choosing a designer, you should take into account the hobbies of the child. There are no restrictions in this segment: schoolchildren can build pyramids from large slotted parts, create cities from 3D puzzles or robots, and combine building blocks with mini-PCs.

  constructors for schoolchildren

To understand which designers are suitable for the right age, just study the final table.

When choosing a designer, you need to take into account many variables, including the interests of the baby. If he does not like the theme of the set, even the TOP set from the top of the ratings will not win the heart of a child. When searching, you should take into account the preferences of the child, the materials of the designer, the theme of the set – then in any online store you will find a suitable option.

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