How to choose a children’s bike? MOYO


That is, the bike must be one hundred percent:

  • hopeful;
  • convenient;
  • safe.

That is why the question «how to choose a children’s bike» is actually not as simple as it seems.


The huge variety of models on the market today can cause obvious confusion even among those parents who are not at all new to cycling and have traveled more than one hundred kilometers on their “iron horse”.

Children’s bicycles: what are they?

Thinking about how to choose a bike for a child, you need to know that all children’s bikes can be conditionally divided into three age groups. So, there are models for children:

  • 1.5-3 years;
  • 3-5 years;
  • 5-9 years old.

In addition, it is advisable to single out teenage bikes in a separate group, which are suitable for teenagers under 15 years old.


The primary task of cycling for the smallest is to introduce the child to the basics of driving, to teach how to coordinate movements and master steering. When choosing a model, special attention should be paid to the stability of the structure and the strength of all parts. The chain must be completely covered with a protective cover so that clothing does not get into it. It is good if the bike has special footrests, seat belts and a limiter that does not allow the steering wheel to rotate around its axis and excludes pinching the child’s leg. It is necessary to have a foot brake, since manual control can be simply beyond the power of the baby. At the same time, each kid will appreciate the bright design, tweeters, music panels and, of course, a pocket or trunk where he can put his favorite toys.


Children from three years old should be offered a two-wheeled bicycle with spare (removable) rear wheels, which help to maintain balance and teach balance. The chain is also traditionally closed with protection. Foot brakes, lowered frame, metal wings — all this makes these models as comfortable and safe for the child as possible. The wheels of such models, as a rule, are equal in diameter to 16 inches.

Bicycles for younger students may already offer a front shock absorber and a derailleur. The diameter of the wheels, in most cases, is 20-24 inches. Along with a foot brake, a hand brake can also often be used.

How to choose a bicycle for a child depending on physical characteristics?

In addition to age characteristics, when choosing a bicycle for a child, one must also take into account his personal physiological parameters. Here are some general recommendations regarding the criteria that must be met:

  • when the child stands upright on a flat surface “above” the bike, his crotch should rise above the frame by at least 10 cm — this will make it easy to jump off in an emergency;
  • the height of the seat is considered optimal when, sitting in the saddle, the young “rider” easily reaches with his fully extended leg to the pedal in the lowest position;
  • the steering wheel must be adjusted so that the child does not have to hit his knees or bend over while driving.

For a child up to 110 cm tall, bikes with a wheel diameter of up to 12 inches are purchased. With a height of 110-120 — this parameter should be equal to 16 inches. For a child up to 135 cm tall, a twenty-inch model is ideal, and up to 155 cm, a twenty-four-inch model is ideal.


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