How to choose a child car seat – we study 5 groups


Trips to the clinic, kindergarten, on vacation, to grandparents raise the question of the safe presence of the child in transport and the purchase of a car seat. The legislation of Ukraine and many European countries does not allow transporting children (under 12 years old) without a restraint.

  Car seat for a child

When choosing a car seat for children, you need to consider the group to which the seat belongs and the fastening system. The article reveals more details about this.

What is a car seat?

Anyone who considers the road “in mother’s hands” reliable protection is not familiar with the statistics of accidents on the road. A car seat is a tightly fitting piece of equipment in a car, often with its own internal anchorage, that protects the baby from injury.

Car belts perform their main function – protection in unforeseen circumstances. But they are designed for an adult and are useless for children. When choosing a car seat for a child, people are proactive and will be prepared for the unexpected on the road. Protective pads, internal straps and the anatomical shape of the equipment eliminate the negative consequences for the little one.

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car seat groups

Child seats are prudently categorized according to height and weight criteria. A classification that helps to understand is given below.

Group 0+

Class 0+ are compact cradles for newborns weighing up to 13 kg. Age: 0 to 12 months.

  Group 0+ car seats

It is important that the seat does not create stress on the spine. Some baby travel accessories can be used in conjunction with a stroller or as a rocking chair (eg AV-302-K.01).

Several qualities of the presented type:

  • optimal positioning of the baby without stress on the body;
  • the light weight of the product makes it easily portable;
  • padded seat details not only protect but also provide comfort.

Fastening takes place with the help of transport belts, the Isofix system. The equipment has a carrying handle, in case the baby falls asleep, it can be transported without disturbing sleep. Such a “cradle” for the crumbs should stand with its back forward.

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Group 0+/1

A good option for children from 0 to 4 years. Weight: 0-18 kg. Especially suitable for trips over short distances.

  Group 0+/1 car seats

Group 0+/1 baby carriers offer:

  • installation against the direction of travel, and for children older than a year – in the direction of travel;
  • adaptation of the form to the needs of the baby;
  • several types of tilt for the back.

The built-in 5-point safety harness protects the child well under any circumstances during the trip.

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Group 1

Choosing a group 1 car seat is appropriate for babies who are already able to sit. Baby weight: 9-25 kg. The advantage is the age coverage: from 9 months to 6 years.

Armchairs for children of group 1

The equipment is constructed with a solid bottom base and an adjustable backrest, as an example, AV-340.SL.02.

What you need to pay attention to when buying such a seat:

  • mounts with the possibility of movement;
  • several modes for the back;
  • the quality of the materials of the product;
  • the presence of a safety table or belts.

Such devices are most in demand due to the increasing mobility of the baby. Such equipment is installed in the direction of the car.

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Group 1/2/3

Optimal car seat variety due to the range of use: from 9 months to 12 years. The equipment is adapted for weight from 9 to 36 kg.

  Group 1/2/3 car seats

Models from group 1,2,3 adapt to the child, have the following functions:

  1. “The growth of the chair” – the regulation of details;
  2. Orthopedic tabs to hold the body can be removed;
  3. The interior seat belts adjust with the height of the little passenger.

Advantages of the equipment: the prices for them are quite low, given that the purchase will need to be made only once; A good option for infrequent use and traveling short distances.
How to choose the perfect car seat? The restraint must comply with international certification and have a good crash test score.

Group 2/3

Models of this group are designed for children from 3 to 12 years old with a weight of 15-36 kg.

Group 2/3 car seats

The devices have a high comfortable back that protects against side impacts. There are 3-point harnesses (for example, here: AVIONAUT GLIDER SOFTY) or fastening with a standard harness.

One of the well-known subspecies of the group is the booster. This is a raised seat so that the belt lies correctly. Such an installation will not be able to protect against blows from the side, but is suitable for children who are already uncomfortable in a “classic” car seat due to their height.

To accurately know how to choose a car seat, you can use the table according to the category depending on the weight and age of the child.

Isofix mount

International Standards Organization FIX – fastenings in transport, developed for the protection of the child by the International Organization for Standardization. This technique makes the car seat comfortable and as reliable as possible.

Reasons to choose Isofix:

  • Simple fastener. It is necessary to fix the chair with special locks to the metal hinges (ancars) that are placed in the seat of the transport (where the back and pillow are).
  • Reliability. The chance of making a mistake when installing such a simple fastener is minimal, while the seat is firmly held in place.

Isofix is ​​designed for car seats of groups 0+/1 and provides 100% safety for children up to 18 kg (as an option – AVIONAUT ULTRALITE ISO-FIX).

Isofix car seats

How to save money on buying a car seat?

For a responsible parent, the issue of saving on the protection of the child should not be in principle. His life and health depend on the safety of the child on the way. In addition, compared to the cost of the car, the price of the chair is quite low.

Cheap fixtures may have weak mounts, poor crash test scores, or fail at all, and will not ensure 100% child safety. Therefore, it is worth choosing seats that will not be budgetary in price, but reliable in use (judging by the positive reviews – here is an example: AVIONAUT KITE + Black).

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Choosing the right car seat is the responsibility of the parents. When buying a chair, you need to pay special attention to:

  • seat belts;
  • fastening;
  • degree of protection.

The cover can be easily removed and washed, then this is another plus. Specifications ECE R44/03, ECE R44/04 will tell you that the reliability of the equipment complies with European standards. It is also worth choosing equipment that has passed crash tests.


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