How to choose a baby stroller: 6 key selection options


New parents have to make many important decisions. And one of the key is to choose the right stroller. In the first children’s transport, the baby will spend a significant part of the time. That is why it is necessary to approach the search with all responsibility. After all, it should be comfortable, safe and durable. How to do this – the article will tell.

How to choose a baby stroller

Varieties of baby strollers

The first thing to figure out before buying: what are the types of strollers for children.



Strollers are perhaps the most sought-after and popular option among parents. There are at least two good reasons for this:

  • time-tested design – the baby is comfortable both to rest and stay awake;
  • long service life – from six months to three.

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The key differences between the “walks” relate to the mass and the folding mechanism. So, depending on the weight, the models can be:

  • heavy – an average of 10-12 kg, like B-MOTION 4;
  • light – up to 9 kg, like Miqilong DG712;
  • ultra-light – 6 kg or less.

There are two folding methods: a cane and a book. Walking sticks like the BabyHit Handy tend to be lighter, more manoeuvrable, and more compact, but are not designed for long walks. The books are heavier and more stable, the seats are adjustable, and the necessary things will fit in the trunk of models like the LD399E H507. But the space in the room will take more.



This species is intended for babies from birth. In classic strollers, the newborn sleeps most of the time, so in everyday life they are called “cradles”.

Such models are both all-weather and designed for a specific time of the year – winter and summer. The options for the cold period are more massive, the wheels have a large diameter, the cover for the legs is insulated, and the cradle itself is spacious and wide. Summer models like SENATOR White weigh less, use lighter materials for upholstery and special attention to design.

Advantages of the “classic”:

  1. Each brand offers a specialized carrycot design of its own design for the comfort and health of the child.
  2. Large wheels guarantee a smooth ride and high maneuverability.
  3. Models of this type look elegant and fashionable.


  • high price;
  • for maneuvers on poor-quality coverage, one way or another, you will have to make an effort.

Station wagon

Universal stroller

For those who want to buy everything at once and not bother after six months with the search for walking options, universal strollers have been invented. They consist of a chassis and two or three separate units. Two is a standard package, which includes a cradle and a walking module. Some models include a car seat that can be installed on the chassis or used separately.

Advantages of universals:

  • The rigid frame of the cradle, as in Miqilong V-BABY, is safe for the baby.
  • Convenient book folding mechanism, regardless of the installed block.
  • Wide, large wheels, as in Jedo TRIM, provide flotation in any weather and on different surfaces.

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The disadvantages of this type include significant weight and overall dimensions. Therefore, the possibility of transportation and storage space for replaceable modules must be considered in advance.



Children’s transport of this design has common features with station wagons. The key difference is that instead of changing blocks, they are merged. That is, the back of the walking module is lowered and the cradle is placed inside.

Benefits of the subspecies:

  • Most models are affordable.
  • Strollers are used from 0 to 3 years.
  • Large wide wheels make it easy to overcome small obstacles – bumps, snowdrifts, slush.

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Transformers also have disadvantages:

  1. The cradle, as a rule, is not so rigid and insulated.
  2. Even when folded, they take up a lot of space.
  3. Such strollers are mostly heavy – 10-12 kg.



Three-wheeled strollers are one of the “youngest” on the Ukrainian market. However, parents prefer them for their light weight and easy handling. Models may differ in the design of the front wheel – single or dual. Instances with a double are more stable and better balance.

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Tricycle features:

  1. The front wheel can turn around its axis. And for driving on slippery or uneven surfaces, it can be fixed in the desired position.
  2. Three-wheelers can be walking, like Quinny Moodd, universal, for twins, like Urban Glide2, sports.
  3. On a flat surface, the models can be operated with one hand.
  4. Most copies fold into a book at the touch of a button.


Strollers for twins

Happy parents of twins, twins and teens can’t do without a twin stroller. In order for such transport to be durable and convenient, before buying, you should carefully study each available model and analyze all its pros and cons.

So, there are two main types of “kopeck pieces”: with parallel seats or located one behind the other – like the Duette Piroet Pop-Up. Models with a vertical design are easier to manipulate. But if the seats are closely spaced, then decomposing the back of the lower one is often problematic. Therefore, it is imperative to test the stroller in this regard. Horizontal ones are larger, but the kids will be closer to each other.

Main selection options:

1. Price. If the budget is small, you should pay attention to wagons. They will last the entire period from birth to three years of age. If it is possible to purchase several models, then it is better to purchase the most lightweight option for walking for the warm season.

2. Model weight. Sometimes it’s hard to roll one child, and two – a double load. Therefore, transport should be as easy as possible. This does not mean that it is worth buying a flimsy design that will not withstand active use. But mom or dad shouldn’t be overworked using it.

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3. Instance construction. In models with separate blocks for each baby, there will be more opportunity to adjust the comfort for each.

4. Top models of each type:

Wheels: which is better?

Rubber and polyurethane wheels

You can understand how important the right wheels are only by trying to ride the stroller on the wrong ones. But painful experiments are not necessary if you know what to choose and what it threatens.

Wheels are made of rubber or polyurethane. Rubber – inflatable, polyurethane – cast. Rubber, as a rule, has higher patency, but they are blown away from punctures. Cast are not afraid of broken glass and nails. But they wear out more when driving on gravel, uneven surfaces, and snowdrifts are beyond their power.

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The diameter and width are also important. Larger wheels will better cope with off-road, slush, snowdrifts and ice. Models with small wheels are more compact and lighter.

Dimensions and weight: how important?

Stroller dimensions and weight

The right size of children’s transport will help to avoid problems with elevators, minibuses and entrance doors in the future. Measure the stroller by the width of the wheelbase. But it is also useful to make measurements of the openings through which it is planned to carry the model daily. At the very least, there will be no awkward situations with them later.

Weight is determined based on their own physical capabilities. And it is necessary to take into account not only the moments of departure and arrival at the entrance, for example. With the elevator not working, going up to the 9th floor with a stroller in one hand and a baby in the other is another task. Indeed, already on the 5th-6th floor, it seems that the weight of the model has increased at least twice.

So weighty fashionable cradles are for those who plan to beautifully walk around the nearest park together. But super light reeds like the LD399E H507 are more suitable for short distances and travel. Therefore, extremes should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Safety: what will protect the baby?

Stroller safety systems

Baby comfort means little without safety. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to use structural systems and elements to protect the baby. The main components are brakes, bumper and belts.

The brake system can be manual or foot. In most models, a foot is used – it is more familiar and more versatile. The handbrake is more common on active vehicles and is easier to use for a person who is running. But it is also found on walking devices like the RAINBOW G2.

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Five-point harnesses in “walks” are already a rule, not a novelty. They are necessary to keep the child in case of sudden braking, collision with an obstacle. Also, such protection is needed if the baby likes to spin or get up, and at this time it is required to sit – when crossing the road, for example.

The protective bumper is a design on walking models that protects the rider from falling out. It is usually removable. It is made of plastic and can have a soft fabric cover that can be removed and washed.

Seat: which one to choose?

Strollers with a good seat

In order not to harm the musculoskeletal system of a small passenger, the carrycot frame and seat back must be firm and rigid. The walking block needs a wide and deep, because the baby will grow, and in cool weather, due to the many clothes, more space will be needed to feel comfortable.

Luggage basket: what are there?

Stroller luggage basket

A basket for things is located at the bottom of every model like MI BABY T900. This accessory is not found only on light and compact canes. Most often the trunks are fabric, but there are also metal ones. The latter keep their shape better, but are not very convenient for exits and rides on curbs, steps and other obstacles. Baskets vary in size. And the choice on this basis depends on how much you plan to load the trunk. In any case, you won’t get far with a tiny one, but with a huge and completely filled one it will be difficult to move around.

Thus, in order to choose a baby stroller, you need to clearly understand your requirements for it. It is also useful to soberly assess the financial capabilities of the family. At the same time, it makes no sense to save on everything and buy a model that categorically does not meet the quality and safety parameters. After all, the health of the baby is more important than money.


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