How the Atari cube home game console works

In August, the long-awaited designer is expected to go on sale. 10306 Lego Atari 2600. Many experts suggest that this novelty will inspire modern gamers to get acquainted with the computer game popular in the distant 80s. Say what you like, but she, in fact, was one of the progenitors of video games that are popular in our time.

We talked about the development of a “brick” model of a home game console back in April. And now there is additional information. It reports on the changes that have taken place in the overall design of the buildable toy and the functionality of the Atari Bricks.

The updated version of the design reproduces a typical youth room for the 80s, on the floor of which a minifigure sits with a joystick in his hands. This character is playing “Asteroids” on a tube TV – only an episode from this game is displayed on the screen. However, the “picture” of the TV seems to remain static. Bloggers note with regret that the creators of the toy abandoned the original idea, which included a realistic reproduction of one of the games.

Thus, although 3 replaceable cartridges with the games “Asteroids”, “Adventure” and “Centipede” are included in the set of the home console model, they will become just decorative elements. At best, they can be used as built-in vignettes.

These clarifications are likely to disappoint many. However, this information is still at the level of rumors – exactly what the home game console is, we will find out only after the official presentation of the combined model by the Danish company Lego. And this should happen as soon as possible.

Kit 10306 Lego Atari 2600 addressed to adult construction fans. It consists of 2532 parts and will be sold at a price of 239.99 euros.

New details about the features of the Atari home game console made of bricks

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