How many characters will be in the new LEGO Home Alone set?


Have you watched an American movie? “Alone at home”? Do you have a set based on it? If not, then perhaps soon you will be able to fill this gap. The fact is that on the pages of Western sites and blogs there were messages about the release of a new designer before the Christmas holidays. 21330 LEGO Home Alone.

Interestingly, commentators are discussing this news not in terms of whether it will or not, but how much is included in the set of the main characters of the classic movie. Many agreed that the creators of the modular toy will include miniature figures of the protagonist of the adventure story Kevin, his mother, as well as Harry, Marva and “old man” Marley. Actually, it is these characters that “move” the classic plot of the Christmas movie. Therefore, the absence of any of them in the new set will be perceived as a shortcoming of the designer.

Along with this, reports are speculating about the release date of the set. LEGO 21330 “Alone at home”. Why should we expect a new constructor in November? Because it harmonizes most of all with the original film both in terms of the season of events and in terms of the Christmas story.

They did not bypass the question of the cost of the expected novelty – it will be $ 250.

Now all construction fans have to wait for official confirmation or refutation of Lego representatives regarding the expected set.


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