Harry Potter fans will be delighted with a surprise from Lego

For fans of the young wizard and magician Harry Potter the beginning of the summer season will present a great gift. It will be as many as 7 new sets!

Play sets are already on display in the range of the official LEGO online store. In terms of content, they cover adventures from different parts of the novel. So, for example, there will be an addition to the modular lock Hogwarts. From the details of most designers, it will be possible to recreate iconic scenes and “locations” from the films. The June releases will be especially exciting for collectors of minifigures, as many of them will feature some of the characters that will be appearing for the first time in the themed set series.

In general, this news did not cause a stir, since at the beginning of the year information about new sets already appeared on social networks. However, construction fans are in for some real surprises. The biggest surprise will be the designer 76408 LEGO Harry Potter Grimmauld Place #12. Why? Firstly, it was not previously reported in the catalog for 2022. Secondly, it is endowed with excellent gaming potential. Thirdly, 9 minifigures are included in its package.

The main structure is a model of a three-story house at 12 Grimmauld, which houses the famous headquarters of the “Order of the Phoenix”. Among the nine minifigures, there is one that has never been seen before in Lego sets – this is Kreacher.

To all of the above, it remains to be added that the considered set of the June “seven” is also the largest (1083 parts) and the most expensive (129.99 euros – approximately 10,620 rubles).

A Danish company has prepared a summer surprise in the series

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