Harry Potter book and themed mini-constructor


AMEET publishing house is the official partner of the Lego company, published a catalog of books, scheduled for publication in 2022. Educational and educational literature covers almost all thematic areas of the Danish manufacturer of designers, from Star Wars to Harry Potter and NinjaGo.

For construction fans, these books serve as an additional source of information. According to the images and content of the announced publications, they find a lot of evidence about the designers, the news about which spread at the level of rumors and conjectures.

At the same time, publications can turn into another option for obtaining rare models and figurines. Thus, a brochure dedicated to the adventures of Harry Potter will be accompanied by exclusive minifigure young wizard. The hero is dressed in the same sandy-blue shirt, in which the audience first saw him in the first movie.

Judging by the images in the catalogue, the Harry figure comes with quite a few accessories to recreate the episodes of his journey through Diagon Alley towards Hogwarts.

Also there;

  • a small cake with a candle, presented to the hero by Hagrid for his birthday;
  • a wand case, which, by the way, is found only in Diagon Alley and the Harry Potter Advent Calendar;
  • The book also includes the Chocolate Frog collectible trading card tile.

Harry Potter book plus themed mini-constructor

In general, this book is of particular interest to those who wish to replenish their home collection with thematic novelties. At the same time, you will know exactly what is “under the cover” of a book souvenir.

The Harry Potter children’s book is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2022. Along with a description of the adventures of the protagonist, it will contain puzzles and various tasks.


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