Gorgeous Land Speeder from a Lego Fan

Creative building fans are always ready to upgrade official Lego models to improve an idea. Interestingly, such copies are much more attractive than the original toys.

In this news you will find additional confirmation. The Brix Brothers blog introduced its visitors to the work of Sebastian Arts, who proposed his own version of the model presented in the 2018 constructor 75209 LEGO Star Wars Han Solo Land Speeder (pictured right).

Everything shows that this option visually looks more “collectible” than the model from the Lego branded set. First of all, this perception is influenced by the fact that the author added a special demonstration stand with a sign to the toy. It reflects the data of the “star” vehicle.

Secondly, if we take into account that the author’s project was based on the official model, then it has undergone significant changes in dimensions. The new landspeeder is impressive in size and has an exquisite level of detail. All this turns the model into an excellent copy of the apparatus of Han Solo from Star Wars.

Han Solo would have liked this gorgeous landspeeder a lot more.

“Star” The speeder is known to fans for its unique asymmetrical design, in this respect the toy faithfully reflects the original prototype. The open view of the model from the left side makes it possible to examine the internal mechanisms of the aircraft, which are many small and large elements.

The open cockpit of the landspeeder is superbly presented with two “chessboard” chairs, a steering system, gearshift mechanisms and a control panel.

Han Solo would have liked this gorgeous landspeeder a lot more.

It is noteworthy that the author of the project, Sebastian Arts, recreated in detail the usually invisible part of the aircraft – we are talking about a detailed display of the underside of the model.

Even the creators of official kits sometimes do not pay attention to the reproduction of the device of the bottom of vehicles in prefabricated toys. But in this case, everything is copied as accurately as possible from the on-screen prototype from the cult film. “Star Wars”. This, of course, significantly increases the value of the author’s model.

Han Solo would have liked this gorgeous landspeeder a lot more.

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