Future plans for the Marvel Studios multiverse for LEGO

Marvel at Comic Con, an annual non-profit multi-genre entertainment and comics festival in San Diego, revealed plans for the future of its cinematic universe. Also at the event, some animated shows for Disney+ were announced.

What role modern films play in the development of the “world of cubes” – it is unnecessary to explain. Popular motion pictures become the basis for the development of many prefabricated toys. That’s why fans of the Brick Marvel set series will have the latest models and minifigures in the near future. lego with desktop versions of on-screen adventures and original action figures.

About three expected novelties of the Danish company Lego:

  • 76211 Sun Bird Shuri,
  • 76212 Shuri Laboratory,
  • 76213 “King Namor’s Throne Room – We’ve been on the news before.

Released this fall, these sets are inspired by the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. But besides this, the audience on the screen is waiting for new adventures of Spider-Man, his meetings with the villains: Dr. Octavius, Chameleon, Demon of Speed, Scorpion and Bhutan Pyromaniac. The series will also feature Harry Osborne and Amadeus Cho. All of which means that they and other characters such as Captain Carter and Iron Man, Black Widow and Hela Thor of Ragnarok, young Star-Lord and Ego, Scarlet Witch and Mandarin will soon be making their way into Lego sets as well.

It is known that the release of designers is also expected based on X-Men ’97 – the announced continuation of the animated series “X-Men”. It features most of the original characters led by Magneto:

  • Rogue,
  • The beast,
  • Gambit,
  • Jean Grey,
  • Wolverine,
  • Storm,
  • Jubilee and Cyclops.

These characters are joined by a dozen more screen heroes who have the potential to move into Lego sets.

What will the Marvel Studios Multiverse bring to Lego in the near future?

For 2023-2025, the company “Marvel” is scheduled to premiere a lot of films. So, next February, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania will hit the big screens, Secret Invasion, Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 in the spring, Echo, Loki season 2 and The Marvels and other. All this indicates that the designers of the Danish company will not have to cool off. Because they have to prepare appropriate designers based on new films for the release of each film.

With more Lego features, building fans are hoping to get Kahn the Conqueror, updated figures of Blade, Iron Heart, Baron Zemo and other old and new characters.

What will the Marvel Studios Multiverse bring to Lego in the near future?

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