Full size Thor’s hammer set coming soon


Adult fans of the Marvel constructor series, according to reports from Western bloggers, will have another amazing set in 2022. It will be dedicated to the famous Thor’s hammer – will allow you to collect it in full size. It is assumed that after the constructor 76191 LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet, released this year, the Danish company decided to continue the production of similar toys. Offered to consumers, a reproduction of Marvel’s most devastating weapon turned out to be a fairly successful project. Thus, Thor’s hammer could be a great continuation for the birth of an entirely new collection.

Recall that in the aforementioned constructor, Lego designers recreated the iconic Infinity Gauntlet not only in realistic sizes, but also achieved similarities with the on-screen prototype in design – an authentic golden glove is decorated with colorful Infinity stones. This is the same identity Marvel fans expect from Thor’s hammer model.

There are no concrete details about the recreation of the mythical Mjolnir model (in terms of the number of parts, color scheme and cost) yet, just as there is no estimated release date for the set. On Instagram, a certain greekbricks supplements the message with only an indication that the constructor will be addressed to construction lovers of the 18+ age category.

76191 LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet


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