From 2003, Lego will bring back the Indiana Jones series

Rumors about this important event have been circulating on the Internet for more than six months. In January, there were first suggestions that the line “Indiana Jones” will be revived in 2022. This conclusion was made at the announcement of four designers, codenamed “Cocoon”. What happened next showed that the secret sets turned out to be the continuation of Avatar – they will go on store shelves in October.

Meanwhile, information about the new adventures of the treasure hunter Indiana Jones in the “world of cubes” is again spreading on the network. The point is that the fans Lego coded prefabricated kits were found again – now under the general name “Pineapple”. In general, a suitable reason for continuing the discussion was found.

But still, on what exactly is the conviction of the fans of the line in the inevitability of the revival of the old series based? By the way, in 2008 and 2009, 16 sets were already produced within this line. The main argument is based on the fact that the continuation of the adventure film is being filmed. By the way, the premiere of the fifth part of Indiana Jones in theaters was scheduled for July 29, 2022, but now it has been postponed until next summer. According to fans, it was for this event that prefabricated kits were developed under the code “Pineapple”. Plus, it is precisely because of the postponement of the film premiere that the release of new designers has been postponed, the projects of which are already ready for production. So in general, the picture is quite logical.

It is reported that the upcoming wave of sets Lego Indiana Jones Includes total 8 sets. At the same time, 4 of them were created according to the plots of old films. Most likely, these will be updated versions of some sets from 2008-2009. And the second half was created based on fragments of the new fifth part of the film. Well, all fans can only wait and believe that the new sets will meet all expectations.

The LEGO Indiana Jones series returns in 2023

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