FormatFactory program or how to convert video and audio

From time to time, each of us has to copy or transfer audio and video files to different devices. In this case, the size and quality of the image or sound play a role. To prepare video or audio for a specific device or change the codec, there is an excellent tool – the FormatFactory program.


Download the installation file of the program FormatFactory can be found on the official website. To date, the program has been translated into 66 languages, including Russian. Run the downloaded file and go through all the installation steps. At the end of the installation, a window will appear in front of you (see figure). You will be prompted to leave a shortcut to the EBay site on our desktop, and set the Ask search bar as its home page. We do as our hearts desire, you can leave and install, or you can (this is best) refuse.

Setting FormatFactory

As for the second figure, after agreeing to leave a checkmark in the first paragraph, the program will start after the installation window is minimized.

Setting FormatFactory

Working with FormatFactory

The interface is very friendly to the user, and working with it is not difficult. Menu bar on top, toolbar below. The language of the program is Russian, so any button in front of you will not be a surprise. The rest of the space is divided into several parts. On the right side is the place for processing files, on the left is a list of functions and formats. A little practice and everything will finally become familiar. Let’s try. Let’s go through the menu.

Working with FormatFactory

Video. File conversion

Let’s say you need to convert a movie for easy viewing on your mobile device. In the profile, select the desired format, if you do not know which one, then simply indicate “mobile”, in a huge list there are many formats for any device. In order not to get lost in the many settings for the future converted video, just select your phone and click “OK”.

Video.  File conversion

With a little dexterity, you can completely deal with more precise settings, which will significantly improve the video, or vice versa, reduce the quality to save memory. There is also the introduction of a watermark, subtitle management. Finally, after pressing the “OK” button, we move to the window where we do not forget to specify the folder in which the program will save the final file, and where we can then look for it. Default folder selection button: Library/Documents/FFOutput. Then we add any file by pressing the appropriate button “File” and again “OK”.

Video.  File conversion

The selected file will be moved to the list of the main window. Now just press the “Start” button to start the conversion.

Sound. File conversion

This section suggests converting audio files to the desired format. First, you need to choose the final format. Let’s convert everything to mp3. The window that opens after clicking on the “All in MP3” button is almost the same as the window for adding a video. We add the necessary files for conversion. We adjust the quality of the final file with the settings and click “OK”. Then, by tradition, we will again move to the main window, where it remains only to click, highlighting the file that we have in the list and click “Start”. We wait until the conversion is over, and look at the final result in the folder where we indicated in advance.

Sound.  File conversion

A photo. Image conversion

It’s simple, we convert any image to any format: (JPG; PNG; BMP; ICO; TIF; TGA; PCX). What is really unusual is the very ability to convert an image in a media converter! After selecting the format, you can see the same file selection window. By clicking on the “configure” button, many possibilities will be revealed: in addition to the standard settings, there are others. Possibly resize and rotate the image. You can also save your signature on the final picture, after all the settings, click “OK” and from the main window “Start”, the conversion has begun.

A photo.  Image conversion


The next section on the menu can be safely called very interesting. Here are collected functions for future conversion not only of DVD or AUDIO CD, but also for creating ISO / CSO disc images.

DVD/CD/ISO conversion

DVD to Video – video conversion mode, press the corresponding button and go to the windowed mode of the option. As you can see, it differs from the encoding menu of the program. First, let’s select the device where our DVD movie is located. There are few options, either this is a local folder on the computer, or in a DVD drive. When the program detects the video, click “configure”, a list of DVD video parts will appear. We immediately set up all the additional parameters and the final format of the final video.

DVD/CD/ISO conversion

It is also worth mentioning the ability to cut unnecessary titles, click “set range” and get into the video editor window. With it, it is easy to select any segment from the movie and convert it. If the DVD file has options with multiple language dubbing of the movie, select the desired language in the right pane.

DVD/CD/ISO conversion

Audio CD to files

Absolutely identical function, as in the video window. We select the storage location of the disk file and also the final file and the appropriate quality settings. Everything is clear and informative from the function window itself.


Everything is simple here. We insert the disk, mark it, select the format of the future image, the folder for saving and press the “Start” button.


Here is the CSO format, a more compressed version of the regular and familiar ISO file. This is an opportunity to convert an image even more compactly and use the space on any external or internal drive more economically. Additionally, it will be useful to owners of a Sony game console, since, choosing this format in the future, the image is launched on the console. This will allow you to directly install your games from the CSO file.


Advanced settings

Having dealt with the previous sections in more detail, it makes little sense to dwell on advanced options. Click on the selected buttons and go to the settings window, do not forget to specify the folder with the final converted file, and enjoy the result.

Combine video – a function with which it is possible to create one from two or more video files. We form a list of selected files.

Merge Audio – the same way as with the video.

MUX – Overlay your audio on the video.

MUX - overlay your audio on video

Media-File-Info – function of complete information about any file.

Media-File-Info - full information function about any file

Outcome: FormatFactory is a functional and convenient program, many formats for any user requirement. Few people will offer for Windows for free, all the listed features provided by FormatFactory. If you need a program for converting, you should pay attention to it.

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