First photos of Lego BD-1 droid

The first photos of the set with the long-awaited model of the BD-1 droid have appeared on the Internet. It is expected that it will be presented among the novelties of 2022 as part of the traditional fan celebration. “Star Wars” which takes place these days in Anaheim.

As a prototype for the creation of this model, the developers of the buildable toy took the image of a famous character from the video game Jedi: Falling Order. Accompanying the kit with an information plate indicates that the designer should be classified as a collector’s item. At the same time, a 31-centimeter robot figurine is unlikely to become just a “monument” frozen in one position.

In fact, this toy is endowed with great mobility:

  • the droid’s head tilts left, right, forward and backward;
  • legs bend and unbend – all this allows you to give him a variety of poses.

It is expected that ordinary construction fans will be able to purchase a novelty in late August or early September. The kit itself is very attractive. The set includes 1062 parts. It will be sold at a price of 99.99 euros (6943 rubles). It should be noted that the constructor LEGO BD-1 Droid 75335 is the first in history Lego, which is based on the video game Jedi: Falling Order. It is quite possible that we are on the verge of the emergence of a new direction, and in the near future we will have another entertaining line of toys on the endless Star Wars theme.

The first photos of the long-awaited BD-1 droid from Lego appeared

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