Fett’s Book of Malice Lego Set Coming by Year’s End


LEGO Star Wars: Fett's Book of Malice set to release by the end of 2022

On Western thematic sites, rumors spread about the plans of the Danish company to release a constructor at the end of this year. LEGO Star Wars: Fett’s Book of Malice.

The original source of this news was an Instagram user under the nickname legohio. It should be immediately noted that the author has recently attracted increased attention of design fans with his versions. Earlier, for example, it was he who first told subscribers about the inclusion of a “golden” miniature figure in the package of the upcoming set 75341 UCS “Luke’s Land Speeder”. Then he said that in the line Star Wars in 2022 the first mini-doll in the history of the thematic direction will appear.

According to the original source, the new designer of the “star” series “Fett’s Book of Malice” will be a natural addition to the two thematic sets. These include the recently released 75326 LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Throne Room set and the upcoming 75325 LEGO Star Wars N-1 Mandalorian Starfighter. In terms of content, the novelty will be built on the plot of the battle in the final episode of Star Wars. The set will include figures of the droid Scorponek (or “Scorponek”) and bigfig (“Big Man”).

How reliable this news is, the future will show.

LEGO Star Wars: Fett's Book of Malice



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