Fans of “Star Wars” will be pleased with the new set


The Lego company pleased fans of the “star” series with an unexpected gift. When publishing materials on the website of an online store showing models of a new collection of dioramas, the first image of the set was posted 75342 LEGO Star Wars Republican Fighter Tank.

As previously reported, the Danish company plans to release this constructor in May among summer novelties. LEGO Star Wars 2022. However, long before the official introduction, he became a special subject of discussion among fans. The reason for this is speculation that the buildable set contains updated minifigures of three 187th Legion clone troopers. In addition, the package includes a miniature figure of another famous character from the cult film – Mace Windu. There are also a couple of battle droids here.

It was these minifigures that aroused increased interest, practically eclipsing not only the rest of the characters, but even the main model of the “star” fighter. This can only be explained by the fact that the clone soldiers of the 187th Legion appear in the “world of cubes” for the first time in the history of the thematic series.

But military equipment has already received the attention of Lego designers and was presented in sets 7679 Star Wars “Republic Fighter Tank” in 2008 and 75182 Star Wars “Republic Battle Tank” in 1917. The photo shows that the new version of the tank differs markedly from the models from the named designers in purely design features.

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