Fans are looking forward to the release of 75335 LEGO Star Wars BD-1

Of all the announced summer novelties in the Star Wars themed line, the constructor 75335 LEGO Star Wars BD-1 is among the most anticipated. This statement is based on the reaction that fans expressed on the Internet after the first reports of the upcoming release of the set.

Of course, a certain secrecy of the project added to the intrigue – all previously published information was distributed, in fact, at the level of rumors and assumptions. And it was only in July that the official description and photos of the prefabricated kit appeared. According to them, we can conclude that fans of design are really waiting for an amazing model.

In addition to all this, the 31 cm scout droid has original features, for example:

  • he tilts his head back, forward and sideways, giving the character maximum attractiveness;
  • through the translucent elements of the light panel on the back of the head, it will be possible to find out what mood BD-1 has;
  • it has a compartment for stim canister elements.

All this makes it clear that the “brick” figure realistically reproduces the image of the droid, which in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order serves Jedi Master Ino Cordova during the days of the Galactic Republic. Thus, in fact, all the information reported earlier is now confirmed on the official one.

This model is of particular interest in terms of updated and completely new elements. For example, some well-known parts are presented here for the first time in other colors: for example, round 4×4 bricks with a recessed center and Technic rotating articulated discs with lifting arms. Among the real novelties should be called swivel joints, which were first used in the Optimus Prime transformer model.

We remind you that the designer is on sale 75335 LEGO Star Wars BD-1 should appear from August 1, 2022.

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