Fan of “Lego” has created a unique model of the aircraft


We would like to present to your attention another amazing creation, created from standard parts of Lego sets. The historic model pictured here was created by construction fanatic James Cherry, who is passionate about his own projects. As you can see, he does it perfectly. This work presents an excellent aircraft model Sopwith Camel, or “Sopwith” Camel “F.1”.

The copy of the British single-seat fighter from the First World War turned out to be both detailed and informative. In particular, it demonstrates the image of a historical prototype, which at one time gained worldwide fame due to its extraordinary maneuverability among aircraft of this modification. History buffs say that this scaled-down model, with a 94 cm wingspan, really lives up to the original version of the fighter.

Some fans of the “world of cubes” may assume that this model is copied from a toy from the official set LEGO 10266 Sopwith Camelwhich saw the light of day in 2012. However, comparison shows that this is far from the case.

aircraft model Sopwith Camel, or

Firstly, the author’s creation is much larger than the Legov version. Secondly, along with an accurate reflection of the historical design of the fighter, James Cherry equipped his aircraft with functional control mechanisms and a Clerget 9B rotary engine. Well, the most important difference should be considered a highly detailed cockpit – its interior arrangement with a dashboard looks simply amazing.

aircraft model Sopwith Camel, or

In all respects, this author’s model would be able to attract the close attention of visitors to any historical aviation museum. Because the toy copy is designed with knowledge of historical facts. Which in general is not surprising, because James Cherry is very passionate about the “aircraft” theme – you can see this by visiting his website at the link:[email protected]/


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