Fan of “Lego” created a unique sculpture

The popular site “Brothers Brik” recently introduced its visitors to such a rather amazing “brick” creation. Its author, Felix Jansch, presented the fans with a full-length figure of a man – 175 centimeters!

Why a fan of the “world of cubes” decided to make this rather unfriendly type the hero of his unique model remains a mystery. Most likely, the on-screen character became the prototype for the artist. Outwardly, he strongly resembles one character from the American animated film for adults Aqua Teen Hunger Force named Carl. If only because he is just as balding, with the same dangling “beer” belly, the same disheveled and untidy (judging by the bright coffee stain on his T-shirt), in similar socks and house sandals. In addition, his arms and chest are covered with tattoos. One glance at this huge figure is enough to understand that a grumpy and extremely arrogant person is standing in front of you.

The new unique sculpture made of Lego blocks has no other analogues in the world

It may well be that the author of the original project in his work recreated the image of an ordinary man in the street, presenting him in an informal setting. At least, looking at his “brick” creation, many people will remember similar characters from real life, quite often found among neighbors and acquaintances. And some self-critical representatives of the strong half of humanity will even note their own portrait resemblance.

In general, all these versions-reasonings lead to the conclusion that the author managed to present well a recognizable type of men who, alas, are becoming typical of our time. Therefore, it is just right to exhibit this 175-centimeter figure in the Museum of Modernity.

However, you should not look so carefully for an answer to the question of who or what was the source of inspiration for the Lego artist. Because you need to admire the fact that this character was created from ordinary “bricks” of the Danish manufacturer of designers. By the way, it should be noted that the author of the project, Felix Jansch, used as many as 14,500 LEGO parts to assemble the life-size figure. This fact in itself causes sincere admiration among design fans who understand how much work it took him to create a unique image.

The new unique sculpture made of Lego blocks has no other analogues in the world

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