Fan of “Lego” created a collection of minerals

Spanish construction fan Dario del Frate offers to master in the “world of cubes” a rare but highly paid gemologist profession. Such a specialist in real life is engaged in the study of natural resources born in the bowels of the Earth and capable of decorating the crowns of kings, kings and shahs.

In my own project “LEGO Minerals” the Spaniard managed to recreate a surprisingly colorful collection. To understand this, it is enough to list the minerals and gems presented in the collection in question.

The set includes:

  • aquamarine (emerald) beryl;
  • amethyst;
  • pyrite;
  • rhodochrosite;
  • quartz;
  • tourmaline with blue caps;
  • elbeit.

The author has achieved a striking imitation of precious stones, conveying all their natural beauty. This was largely due to the fact that Dario chose a natural scale of 1: 1 for creation and assembled each view in a separate labeled display for demonstration. In total, for the full recreation of seven types of minerals and gems, he used 1170 multi-colored details.

The Spaniard in his collection took into account that some stones visually look unattractive. Therefore, in order to show their natural beauty, he tried to use various techniques. For example, the master made an amethyst “folding”, as a result, observers had the opportunity to see the mineral from the inside. The use of luminous cubes allowed the author to organically convey the radiance of aquamarine.

In general, the collection of minerals and gems is very attractive. Such a treasury is really capable of decorating a bookshelf. So, at least, say 10,000 visitors to the LEGO Ideas website, which voted for this idea. Now the author’s project of Dario del Frate must be considered by the members of the competent jury in the review, which will take place in May.

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