Expected art set dedicated to Batman


New set of Lego art collection dedicated to Batman

Western bloggers began to discuss rumors about a novelty in the art collection of designers. The reason for this was the Brick_clicker message on Instagram that from March 1 next year, toys will appear on the shelves of toy stores. art-constructor LEGO Batman. It is likely that the Lego company will launch its production in parallel with the designers of the LEGO Harry Potter 2022 series.

The Batman mosaic kit is expected to cost around $119.99, and the “picture” is assembled from over 4,000 plastic pieces. In general, the data on the price and number of parts are in line with most of the previous “art” releases. From this it becomes clear that the expected art novelty will not become another specialized or experimental creation. As you remember, it was these projects that were proposed by the developers of the same mosaic “World Map” from the set under the article 31203 or the art project under the number 21226.

The fact is that with a volume of more than 4000 elements of building material, additional potential for creativity is initially laid in such a kit. In this case, along with the main thematic portrait from the mosaic of a brave Crusader in a cloak, the owners of the set will also have the opportunity to “draw” some alternative images or objects.



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