Exclusive minifigures (SDCC) were not at the festival

Many visitors to the Lego company booth, which operates as part of the non-profit multi-genre entertainment and comics festival Comic Con in San Diego, were somewhat surprised and disappointed. Why? The fact is that the manufacturer of the constructors did not bring a single SDCC exclusive, which is a long tradition of this event.

Traditional minifigures of key characters from DC, Marvel, Stranger Things, The Lord of the Rings, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more have always been a highlight of the festival. They were in great demand among collectors because of their originality and uniqueness. At the same time, one could become their owners only by arriving in San Diego and visiting the annual festival or taking part in the Lego lottery draw.

Are Lego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive minifigures over?

Exclusives SDCC: “Zur-En Arrh2” (2014) and “Captain America” ​​(2015)

Now building fans are claiming the end of the ultra-rare LEGO Comic Con (SDCC) minifigures. And some with chagrin, while others – with undisguised joy.

What is the reason for such an opposite perception of what happened?

The chagrin of the former is understandable, as, indeed, the reaction of the latter. The explanation for the latter is that the majority of Lego fans had a negative attitude towards SDCC exclusives and, after each festival, spoke out about this in the comments on official announcements about new products.

Dissatisfaction was caused, first of all, by the fact that minifigures were distributed only in San Diego, and not every fan has the opportunity to physically visit this city during the festival days. Secondly, after these new items ended up in the secondary market and became practically inaccessible to purchase by ordinary users due to extremely high prices. That is why many fans of the Danish company took this news positively.

Are Lego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive minifigures over?

Exclusives SDCC 2019: Zebra Batman and PS4 Spiderman.

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