Exclusive LEGO Inside Tour Guest Set

In October 2021, The Lego Company announced that it would reopen its doors to building fans in 2022. A 2.5-day ticket for the LEGO Inside Tour costs $2,200 (134,440 rubles). The price includes meals, accommodation and a visit to the local Legoland.

The highlight of the program is to provide members with unparalleled access to the company’s internal operations. In particular, guests get the opportunity to see with their own eyes how LEGO bricks are made and meet designers, learn about 90 years of history LEGO Group in the original Ole Kirk House Museum.

To ensure that the tour in the heart of the Danish company remains in the memory of visitors for a long time, Lego presents each participant of the Inside Tour with a specially designed constructor. And every year is a new model. This circumstance initially makes the domestic tour kits one of the most exclusive and sought after kits in the world.

Andrzej Antoshkevich with his family visited LEGO Inside Tour 2022 and shared photos with the jaysbrickblog.com blog showing the set 4000037 LEGO AGV Factory.

The manufacturer of the designers has prepared an exclusive gift for the guests of the LEGO Inside Tour

The constructor presents models of automatically controlled carts, or otherwise AGV, which are equipped with real workshops of the factory for the production of designers. These conveyors operate autonomously, without the participation of operators in the control, as they move along a given trajectory. Smart machines transport sets filled with prefabricated box material to the packing department, after replacing them with empty containers. At the same time, each AGV transports 420 boxes in one working day, which, in total, is 71 tons of molding materials.

At the plant, all processes in warehouse logistics and the recruitment process are automated in a similar way. That is, it turns out that to the prefabricated “bricks” of new sets Lego human hands are not touched at all. Until the moment when the newly-made constructor is bought by the buyer, who unpacks it at home and builds a model from the details.

And in the pictures below, you have the opportunity to compare a real automatic guided trolley (AGV) with an exclusive toy analogue.

The manufacturer of the designers has prepared an exclusive gift for the guests of the LEGO Inside Tour

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