Exactly 60 years ago, the original patent for the Lego brick was issued in the USA.


A significant date was celebrated by construction fans: October 24, 2021 marks exactly 60 years since official registration of Lego blocks. The original patent for the plastic part was issued by the relevant organization in the United States of America. Since then, the construction “brick” has become an element of new prefabricated toys. Based on it, thousands of models of various designs and sizes have been created.

As can be seen from the images from the patent documentation, the first bricks are identical in appearance to the standard “bricks” that are still used in modern sets. Including the recently announced 71395 Super Mario 64 block constructor with a question mark.

By the way, the LEGO Group decided to take advantage of the anniversary date and invited fans of the “world of cubes” to purchase copies of their various patents. At the same time, each of them is estimated at 650 bonus points, that is, only buyers of VIP category constructors will be able to become owners of patents.

While maintaining the appearance in the structure of the Legov “brick”, some changes nevertheless occurred. You can understand how far the technology for creating construction kits has advanced by looking at the most expensive and voluminous models that have appeared on store shelves in recent years.


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