Epic monastery made of LEGO bricks


The author’s model of an ancient monastery is built from ordinary parts Lego talented build toy artist Casey McCoy. At first glance, it impresses with its forms and fine detailing.

The skill of the artist and a competent architectural approach can be seen, first of all, in the construction of high walls with gentle bends and sharper slopes. Beautiful textured «bricks» accentuate key elements such as the ornate stonework around the entrance, the elegant simple bell tower and the stunning stained glass window.

Architectural aficionados will appreciate the flowing border between the upper and lower buildings. Based on the stones used in the construction with beveled corners and more complexly processed, it can be concluded that the upper level was erected much later than the monastery itself.

The author's model of the epic monastery made of LEGO bricks impresses with its beauty and grace

Many will like the two statues located in front of the front doors. They depict the more scientific and noble arts of the time, alluding to the peaceful nature of the entire structure. A pleasant contrast with the light gray stones of the walls of the monastery is created by brown front doors. The author of the model did an excellent job of adding depth to a typical 2D object by using protruding elements on the surface of the doors.

Separate approval deserves a magnificent reflection of the lush vegetation that surrounds the church, and is also located directly on the building itself. Trees, bushes and flowers are placed in such a way as to show that the monastery is located in the middle of the forest. By the way, a black falcon sits on top of one of the tall fir trees.

The author's model of the epic monastery made of LEGO bricks impresses with its beauty and grace

No less attractive are the inner gardens located on the second level of the monastery. The vegetation here is as lush as it is outside. Two apple trees grow here — according to the plot of the toy, the servants of the abbey harvest from one of them, putting a high wooden ladder to the tree. Judging by the large number of miniature figurines, we can conclude that it is on the second level that the ministers of the church live, as well as those whom they sheltered.

When examining the majestic monastery from the back, it turns out that it was built on a rock next to a reservoir. On its sandy beach with two palm trees, you can go down the rope ladder. Against the backdrop of a smooth and orderly building, a waterfall looks very colorful, which falls down from the other side. The uneven and rough surface of the rocky cliff harmoniously complements the natural composition.

A certain revival of this fragment of the prefabricated structure is given by the blue waters of the reservoir, a couple of men with fishing rods and fishermen returning from fishing on a boat.

The author's model of the epic monastery made of LEGO bricks impresses with its beauty and grace


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