Designer “Samurai X Nya” did not live up to expectations

Summer novelty 71775 LEGO NINJAGO Samurai X Nya young ninja fans have been waiting with great anticipation. However, in the end, users’ expectations were not met. Although the new Samurai X mech looks very attractive on the outside, there are some shortcomings in it. For example, the minifigures presented in it are larger than the previous versions. As a result, the smaller “brothers” seemed to many better.

What are the disadvantages of the 71775 LEGO NINJAGO Samurai X Nya construction set?

The new mech has disappointed fans of the series with heavy limbs that limit its articulation. Usually Lego mechs have huge feet and calves, but this model has legs that taper towards the feet, creating an interesting but awkward front-looking shape. The joints between parts of each arm are heavily exposed.

The set from the NINJAGO series for 109.99 euros did not produce the expected triumph

With such narrowed arms and legs, the 32-centimeter giant looks weaker than its predecessor from the designer. 71738 LEGO NINJAGO Zane Titan Mech Battle. On top of that, Zane’s mech is capable of taking many dynamic poses, which is extremely difficult to repeat for a newly-minted opponent due to the balancing difficulties that arise.

For fans of thematic sets, it is quite possible that these shortcomings are not so significant. In general, the toy is quite remarkable. The model attracts attention with its huge size, as well as the successful integration of functions typical of samurai into the design. Well, articulated knees are worth a lot.

Pros of 71775 LEGO NINJAGO Samurai X Nya

This mech also offers a new version of the cockpit device. If in most of the previous analogues the cab had an open shape, then in this case it is closed. At the same time, it is quite spacious, so the main character fits freely inside even in her horned helmet.

The set from the NINJAGO series for 109.99 euros did not produce the expected triumph

Of course, one cannot fail to notice the obvious advantages of the constructor 71775 LEGO NINJAGO Samurai X Nya. For example, it features a variety of characters from an adventure story. The composition of the toy includes:

  • Samurai X Nya,
  • golden jay,
  • master wu,
  • They are Garmadon
  • Baby Nelson
  • General Pythor,
  • Mechanic and Warrior from the Stone of Vengeance.

At the same time, six of them are previously unseen models, that is, exclusive.

Figurines with a secret – after removing the helmet of the main character, it turns out that Nya’s head is double-sided. The same is found on the brand new Golden Jay minifigure. So the owners of the prefabricated kit will have the opportunity to change the faces of the characters during the game – from the usual decisive expression to a happy one or vice versa. Everything depends on the situation.

Master Wu became freer in his movements thanks to armored clothing instead of the traditional robe. He wears a stunning breastplate over traditional clothing with a fantastic pattern of stucco scales and a decorative dragon head.

Little Nelson turned out to be no less attractive. Everything shows that his desire to become a warrior is beginning to come true. At least compared to earlier figures, he looks more ready for battle here: in practical purple clothes, a mask and two sheathed swords. A spectacular hood covers the hat, which has an unusual Wu symbol painted on the front.

The set from the NINJAGO series for 109.99 euros did not produce the expected triumph

The minifigures of villains should also be recognized as outstanding. More intimidating than ever before is Oni Garmadon. Impressive is his delightfully malevolent helmet-mask with long silver horns, huge teeth, and red eyes that contrast sharply with the metallic patterns. They are Garmadon in his usual black robe with a purple sash, which makes him stand out from the rest of the uniformed villains.

The famous serpentine General Pythor, the Mechanic and the Warrior with a sword from the Stone of Retribution are distinguished by their clothes against the background of other characters. In general, all the miniature figures of familiar characters (both the brave defenders of the city of NinjaGO and dangerous villains) in the considered constructor look quite fresh and new. This makes them very attractive to many young ninja fans. Because, together with the new samurai fur, they anticipate colorful and exciting battles between the eternal forces of good and evil.

Kit 71775 LEGO NINJAGO Samurai X Nya consists of 1003 parts. You can buy the constructor in the official Lego online store at a price of 109.99 euros.

The set from the NINJAGO series for 109.99 euros did not produce the expected triumph

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