Designer Digital Designer will be replaced by BrickLink studio


The Danish company confirmed that on January 31, the digital kit LEGO Digital Designer will be replaced by the new BrickLink Studio. The official Lego virtual building software has been available to users in one form or another since 2004. For nearly a decade, LDD has been considered the go-to tool for many construction fans. He played a big role in the implementation of internal and external initiatives of the company, including video games, films. And after the original version of the software was updated, even LEGO designers began to use it in their work.

“Our original vision for the digital LEGO set back in 2002 was to make building on the computer accessible and fun for kids to play and share their creations online,” says Ronnie Scherer, producer of the first-generation digital LEGO set. “I’m so impressed with how the creator community has evolved. Builders – enthusiasts and professionals – have used LDD in wonderful and unexpected ways. They have become owners and created the most amazing virtual LEGO models, creating an ecosystem of virtual building. I am so proud of the team behind LDD and the large virtual building community. They truly inspired an entire generation of digital Lego creators.

The studio, which replaces LDD, was developed by a third party in 2014 on the platform of the standard game engine Unity. In 2019, BrickLink acquired the LEGO Group.

So, from the last day of January, the old software will become unavailable for download through official channels. In this regard, BrickLink studio will launch a system of questions and answers that will help LDD users to seamlessly transition to the platform and start working in the program.

Here’s how it explains replacing LDD with BrickLink Casper Tingholm, head of the updated Lego digital playground:

“The studio was created because BrickLink deeply believes that LEGO digital building can unlock the true potential of everyone’s creativity, lowering barriers to entry and motivating people to inspire each other. Going forward, the studio team will continue to focus on making digital building as intuitive as physical building, and encourage even more builders to share their creations to inspire and help each other.

While the studio will use .io files built on the LDraw standard, LDD users will be able to import old .lxf files and work seamlessly with them in BrickLink. That is, users have the opportunity to complete their projects, the development of which they started in LDD.

Lego replaces Digital Designer with BrickLink studio


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