Copy of the famous wall clock “Kit-Kot Klok”


Original wall clocks in the form of a cute pet, which became the prototype for the analog of the Lego blocks, belong to the retro clock of the twentieth century. Despite this, they are still in demand. According to the manufacturer, over the past half century, these watches have been bought on average every 3 minutes. They often appear in commercials, feature films and TV shows. It is possible that a buildable version of the retro watch will soon be offered to consumers by a Danish construction kit company.

The last conclusion is prompted by one author’s project with a copy The Kit-Cat Clock. It passed the first qualifying round of the LEGO Ideas Open Competition with the coveted 10,000 votes and made it to the 2022 New Ideas Launch Roundup. In favor of the fact that the idea will find support among the jury members and transform into a real Lego constructor is the fact that this year the famous watch turns 90 years old! They were designed by watchmaker Earl Arno back in 1932. So the reason for creating a prefabricated analogue from the Danish company is more than suitable.

The author of the project is the Frenchman Jonathan Brunn. In 2019, one of his ideas – to create models of dinosaur fossils, the Lego company has already implemented by releasing the 21320 LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils constructor. His new idea is a detailed copy of the original prototype. So the team toy will depict “Kit-Kat” not only in appearance, but also in functionality. It is expected that the eyes of a black cat with a bow tie will move in the same way as in a real watch, and his tail will act as a pendulum.

A new idea from Lego fans - a stunning replica of the famous wall clock


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