Constructor “Lego” based on the new movie “The Eternals”


The exciting adventure film “The Eternals” is released to the cinema screens of the world only at the end of October. But it has already become a topic for Lego designers to create a new series of constructors. So fans of the “world of cubes”, along with the premiere of the film, are waiting for their no less interesting premieres. Kit 76154 LEGO Marvel Deviant Ambush will become one of them.

With it, kids will be able to recreate some of the adventures of superheroes, which consist of chases and battles. The child will have to get used to the role of each character and discover the superpowers of the three “eternal” in order to successfully resist the evil monster – the six-legged toothy Deviant.

The miniature figures presented in the set will allow children to get acquainted with the main “eternal” and learn that:

  • Thena has a natural ability to summon weapons;
  • Gilgamesh has super strength;
  • and Makkari is able to develop phenomenal speed.

Their images turn out so cool that they will inspire children to an exciting creative game and open up a huge universe for them with exciting adventures on the theme of the eternal struggle between good and evil.

The main anti-hero of the story, the 12-centimeter Deviant figurine, will noticeably “revive” the game. The evil character of the set is able to move on his six huge paws, the two front ones are much larger and thicker than the back ones. He knows how to open and close his mouth with terrible teeth.

Constructor 76154 LEGO Marvel Deviant Ambush gives children a real opportunity to transfer the story from the screen to the space of their children’s room. Most importantly, thanks to simple and clear instructions, everyone can quickly assemble the models presented in the kit and start playing right away!

And in conclusion, information for collectors of miniature Lego figures: the Gilgamesh minifigure is exclusive – it can only be found in this designer so far. So there is a chance to become the owner of a rare copy.


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