Closing of LEGO stores in Russia

The wisdom of saying “There is nothing more permanent than temporary” threatens to be fully confirmed in the situation with the suspension of deliveries of Lego products to Russia. The restrictions were introduced by a Danish company a few months ago and they have not yet been lifted.

Since March, the Russian chain of certified LEGO brick stores, World of Bricks, has been selling sets to consumers from old inventory. But it looks like these pantries are running out. In early June, TASS reported that the management company Inventive Retail Group sent a letter to its customers with the following content: “Unfortunately, the situation with sanctions pressure has also affected our network. Deliveries of Lego to Russia are temporarily suspended, and we continue to work only on local warehouse stocks. In this regard, we temporarily “freeze” the work of some stores. We really hope that this measure is temporary and later we will be able to open them again for you.”

Exact information about how many of the 81 existing stores in Russia are closed due to lack of supplies and the occurrence of shortages is not reported. However, it is clear that the situation in the network is deteriorating, and further sanctions of the Danish company in Russia will lead to disastrous results. First of all, for the network, and in its person for the Lego manufacturer itself, since with such a policy it risks losing the Russian market forever.

Construction fans will not be left without constructors even when all the stores of the World of Cubes are closed. Many of them have long found an alternative to the original products of the Danes in the sets of other companies. Numerous manufacturers of prefabricated sets not only quickly create new items similar to Lego, but do it at a high quality level. At the same time, for example, Chinese counterparts can be purchased at more affordable prices than Danish originals.

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