Claw Robot LEGO EV3

This robot with a claw can not only grab, but also lift objects. And he does both these actions with just one motor. And due to the rubber tips of the claw, the robot can lift even slippery objects. And of course, what the robot grabbed, it can transport to another place.

Claw Robot LEGO EV3 (Version 2)

For Assembly claw robot I offer instructions, and for a quick start – a demo program:

  1. After the start, the robot “does exercises” – kneads the claw. How else? Everyone needs to recharge!
  2. After charging, the robot scans the space in front of it at a distance of up to 30 cm, turning at an angle from -90 to +90 degrees (0 degrees is the starting position).
  3. If an object is detected, the robot drives up to it, grabs it, goes back, turns back at an angle of -180 or 180 (depending on which is closer), drives 10-30 cm (the first time by 30 cm, the second – by 20 and the third – by 10) and throws it. Then it comes back.
  4. When 3 items are collected, the robot falls asleep: the program stops.

Here is a diagram of the movement of the robot:

LEGO EV3 Claw Robot Movement Diagram

You can see the program in action in the video below:

Also a robot with a claw can be controlled via mobile app Robo Literate:


Here is a video (note that the slider on the right needs to be slightly raised up so that the claw grabs objects well):

Instructions for assembling a robot with a claw and a demo program below:

Another way to control a robot with a claw is shown in this video:

Here, the robot is controlled from the first person using a smartphone, tablet and the RoboCam application. How to install and use this application, read the following articles. You can download ready-made RoboCam settings for controlling a robot with a claw here.

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