Chinese garden set released in LEGO Ideas Review

The thirtieth author’s project of the second review of ideas in 2022 was a model called “Chinese Garden”. 10,000 visitors to the open competition website voted for it LEGO Ideas. The only thing known about the author of the “brick” work is that he is a construction fan under the nickname ltfhan from Hong Kong.

The design of the structure reflects the idea of ​​striving for perfection. Chinese gardens, according to the author, are an art form that combines the natural landscape with the creation of people. The model seems to combine the best examples of the royal gardens of ancient China, as well as representative buildings in recreation areas. Unlike the historical objects of Ancient Egypt or the East, the Chinese garden does not come to the fore, but a general concept designed to represent the universe. Therefore, stones and water are considered the main elements of Chinese horticultural art. How well it was possible to reflect all this to the author of the project can be judged by the pictures of the model.

The largest pavilion with a powerful pavilion and a double roof, typical of Chinese buildings, occupies the forefront of the overall composition of the craft. It is connected by a small bridge with a side structure of an elongated structure. Both buildings are built of red “bricks” and topped with blue roofs, which in turn have colorful decorative decorations.

Being inside the pavilions, visitors to the Chinese garden can observe the territory surrounding the structure. It is presented in the model as a large lake with an ensemble of water lilies and coastal plants. Those who wish even have the opportunity to go down to a tall tree on the very shore of the reservoir and take a picture.

It’s hard to tell exactly how many minifigures are included in the kit from the China Garden Project pictures provided. Probably seven or eight characters. The idea is very interesting for both the game constructor and the demo version.

Chinese garden set submitted to the Lego Idea Contest wins 10,000 votes

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